Define Owner's Project Requirements with the Customer Agency

The objective of commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that a facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of GSA, occupants and operators. To attain this goal, it is necessary to establish and document Owner project requirements and criteria for system function, performance and maintainability. The Owner’s Project Requirements will form the basis from which all design, construction, acceptance and operational decisions are made. The following suggested categories provide a framework for the types of requirements that shall be considered.

Accessibility Access and use by children, aged and disabled persons
Acoustics Control of internal and external noise and intelligibility of sound
Comfort Identify and document those comfort problems that have caused com-plaints in the past and which will be avoided in this facility (i.e. glare, uneven air distribution, etc.)
Communications Capacity to provide inter- and intra-telecommunications throughout the facility
Constructability Transportation to site, erection of facility and health & safety during construction
Design Excellence Potential/Objectives for design recognition
Durability Retention of performance over required service life
Energy Goals for energy ef¿ciency (to the extent they are not called out in the Green Building Concepts)
Fire Protection & Life Safety Fire protection and life safety systems
Flexibility For future facility changes and expansions
Green Building Concepts Sustainability concepts including LEED certi¿cation goals
Health & Hygiene Protection from contamination from waste water, garbage and other wastes, emissions & toxic materials
Indoor Environment Including hygrothermal, air temperature, humidity, condensation, in-door air quality and weather resistance
Life Safety Fire protection and life safety systems
Light Including natural and arti¿cial (i.e. electric, solar, etc.) illumination
Maintenance Requirements Varied level of knowledge of maintenance staff and the expected complexity of the proposed systems
Security Protection against intrusion (physical, thermal, sound, etc.) and vandalism and chemical/biological/radiological threats
Standards Integration Integration of approved Federal, State and local as well as GSA and Customer Agency standards and requirements
Structural Safety Resistance to static and dynamic forces, impact and progressive collapse

Obtaining the information and criteria for the Owner’s Project Requirements necessitates input from all key facility users and operators. The Owner’s Project Requirements shall be developed in keeping with the processes detailed in GSA’s Project Planning Guide including use of P-100 standards, facility specific (i.e. courthouse, border station, etc.) design guidelines and project programming methodologies. In some cases the owner is likely to have a canned set of project requirements. Note that the Project Planning Tools’ input data includes typical GSA program goals, which when activated, triggers default/suggested commissioning language the PPT’s Commissioning Plan outputs.

The Owner’s Project Requirements will evolve throughout each project stage. As decisions are made throughout the Planning, Design and Construction Stages, the Project Requirements will be updated. It is the primary tool for benchmarking success and will ultimately become part of the Systems Manuals documentation.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-09