Develop Preliminary Commissioning Plan

Commissioning Systems Selection Matrix
Appendix B of the Building Commissioning Guide provides a tool for selecting systems to commission for a particular facility type. Exact systems shall be determined an a project to project basis.

The Commissioning Plan establishes the framework for how commissioning will be handled and managed on a given project. This includes a discussion of the commissioning process, schedule, team and team member responsibilities, communication structures and a general description of the systems to be commissioned. This preliminary version of the Plan shall be developed by the GSA Project Manager (PM) in conjunction with the Customer Agency. The suggested structure of the Commissioning Plan is as follows. All information in the Commissioning Plan must be project specific.

Introduction Purpose and general summary of the Plan.
General Project Information Overview of the project, emphasizing key project information an delivery method characteristics.
Commissioning Scope The commissioning scope including which building assemblies, systems, subsystems and equipment will be commissioned on this project.
Team Contacts Project specific Commissioning Team members and contact information.
Communication Plan & Protocols Documentation of the communication channels to be used throughout the project.
Commissioning Process Detailed description of the project specific tasks to be accom-plished during the Planning, Design, Construction and Tenant Occupancy Stages with associated roles & responsibilities.
Commissioning Documentation List of commissioning documents required to identify expectations, track conditions and decisions and validate/certify performance.
Commissioning Schedule Specific sequences of events and relative timeframes, dates and durations.

The Commissioning Agent will add to this preliminary Plan in the Design and Construction Phases by assembling and completing the Commissioning Plan Appendices as detailed below. The completed Appendices will form the Commissioning Record turned over at the end of the construction stage (see “Turnover Commissioning Record”).

Appendices Work completed during the commissioning process
A Owner’s Project Requirements
B Basis of Design
C Commissioning Specifications
D Design Review
E Submittal Review
F Issues Log
G Construction Checklists
H Site Visit and Commissioning Meeting Minutes
I O&M Manual Review
J Training
K Functional Performance Tests & Seasonal Testing
L Warranty Review
M Test Data Reports

The initial commissioning scope is derived from the Customer Agency, the GSA PM & Operating Personnel input as well as previous experience with similar buildings. The Commissioning Systems Selection Matrix provided in Appendix B of this Guide is a useful tool in selecting systems to commission for a particular facility type. Exact systems shall be determined on a project to project basis.

Commissioning for Certifications

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-09