Final Satisfaction Review with Customer Agency

As one of the benefits of commissioning is to increase occupant and user satisfaction, it is important that the GSA project manager (PM) lead a final satisfaction review with the customer agency. This review shall occur at one year after occupancy (according to GSA’s facility performance evaluation process). At a minimum, attendees shall include the commissioning team and other selected customer agency representatives. The purpose of this review is to obtain honest, objective, and constructive feedback on what worked well throughout the commissioning process and what the commissioning team could have done better. The group shall be focused on identifying root causes and proposing corrective action for future projects. Specific discussion topics may include:

  • Owner’s project requirements
  • Systems selected for commissioning
  • Coordination issues
  • Commissioning budget and costs
  • Commissioning schedule relative to project schedule
  • Occupant comments/complaints
  • Documentation issues
  • Lessons learned

The GSA PM takes the lead on documenting this session in a formal lessons learned report. This information will be an important input to future projects.

Recommission Facility Every Three to Five Years

At this stage of operation a considerable investment has been put into ensuring that the facility operates as intended. Understanding that systems tend to shift from their as-installed conditions over time due to normal wear, user requests, and facility modifications, it is strongly recommended that customer agencies consider recommissioning facilities every three to five years. A facility recommissioning program serves to assure operational efficiency and continued user satisfaction. Maintaining good Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and occupant-complaint records is key to continued recommissioning efforts.

Recommissioning shall generally include:

  • Establishing that original basis of design and operation is still appropriate for use, occupancy, tenant agencies and GSA goals, and modify the operations/controls sequencing as appropriate for optimum operations
  • Reviewing and benchmarking key systems operations/performance against the basis of design
  • Evaluating envelope tightness/pressurization by infrared or other methods
  • Performing energy analysis
  • Recommending repairs/modifications to optimize building performance

It is important to recognize that at three to five years after occupancy, the GSA PM will likely no longer be involved with a particular project. Therefore, the customer agency will take the lead on facility recommissioning. Recommissioning shall include commissioning agent (CxA) services. While there are obvious benefits of familiarity, the customer agency may or may not bring back the project CxA. Recommissioning is not part of the original CxA’s contract, and therefore the customer agency must procure these services through a RFQ/RFP process at the time of recommissioning.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-09