Perform Deferred and Seasonal Testing

Due to seasonal climate conditions, not all systems can be tested at or near full load during the construction phase. For instance, testing of a boiler system might be difficult in the summer and testing of a chiller and cooling tower might be difficult in the winter. For this reason, commissioning plans shall include off-season testing to allow for testing of certain equipment under the best possible conditions.

Second, several systems may have been deferred during the initial testing for a number of reasons including incomplete prerequisite activities, phased occupancy issues, and improper testing conditions. The commissioning team must use the issues log as a guide during the post-construction stage to complete all deferred testing.

Therefore, requirements for seasonal and deferred testing must be clearly defined in the contract documents as it will require some contractor personnel to return to the site after the project is completed. It is also necessary to withhold money for this activity in addition to the traditionally withheld warranty items.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-09