Construction Excellence Features

Planning Phase:

  • Select delivery system appropriate for the project.
  • Identify the funding amount and schedule required for the project and delivery system selected.
  • Define project scope with the client.
  • Prepare initial "Occupancy Agreement" reflecting the project goals, requirements etc., and document the last date for no cost design changes by the agency.
  • Prepare "Project Management Plan" with schedule and budget requirements.
  • Performing a PDRI (Project Definition Rating Index) with project team to identify level of understanding of project.

Design Phase:

  • Manage the design to ensure the project remains within the established budget.
  • Simplify design utilizing performance requirements for such items as curtain walls.
  • Select the web based project management system.
  • Utilize the "Consolidated Professional Services" contracts for programming space planning, constructability, building code compliance, accessibility reviews, estimating etc.
  • Utilize construction expertise for constructability reviews and budget control.
  • Prepare separate independent estimates to compare with the Architect/Engineer (A/E) estimates to ensure the design stays within the budget at approximately the 30, 60 and 95 percent stages of design.
  • Provide design briefing at each design submission to the customer agency to ensure their understanding of the design.
  • Update the "Occupancy Agreement" to reflect revisions to the original agreement and new decisions.
  • Prepare Preliminary Commissioning Plan.
  • Provide Performance Evaluations of AE and Construction Manager (CM).

Construction Phase:

  • Manage the construction to ensure the project remains within the established budget.
  • Utilize past performance system in selection of the construction contractor.
  • Conduct "Partnering Session" with the construction, design, customer and GSA personnel.
  • Process "Requests for Information" and answer contractor inquires in a timely manner utilizing web based project management.
  • Process contractor payments in a timely manner.
  • Perform informal monthly evaluations of A/E, CM and construction contractor.
  • Perform "Construction Peer Review" at 15 and 60 percent for all large or special projects.
  • Utilize "Partnering" and "Alternate Dispute Resolution" to resolve disputes.
  • Perform "walk through" inspections with the customer agency on a regular basis to ensure they understand the space being provided and status of the work.
  • Prepare construction contractor "Performance Evaluations" at the intervals required during construction.
  • Perform ninety-percent review of the construction project to evaluate the success of the project and prepare "Lessons Learned" on the project.
  • Prepare final "Performance Evaluation" of the construction contractor.
  • Implement Commissioning Plan.

Other Features:

  • Recognition award program for Construction Excellence by construction contractors.
  • GSA involvement with the Construction Industry Institute and other groups performing research into better ways to deliver construction projects.
  • GSA training program and support for project manager certification.
  • Maintain "Partnering" relationships with the Association of General Contractors, American Institute of Architects, Project Management Institute, Construction Management Association of America and other organizations involved in building construction.
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