Construction Excellence Peer Program

The purpose of the Construction Excellence Peer Program is to utilize the knowledge and experience of outstanding senior managers in building construction to improve GSA construction program.

Executives with extensive successful construction experience have been selected by the GSA, with the assistance of the Associated General Contractors of America, and appointed by the Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service to serve as national construction excellence peers for a period of two years.

These individuals will serve on small panels that will visit project sites nationwide in the early stages of construction to evaluate the performance of project teams, which consist of personnel from GSA, the construction contractor, the design architect/engineer and the construction manager.

The evaluations will provide critical feedback on the ability of the teams to work together and provide successful projects. A successful project is one that meets the program requirements, is completed on time and within the budget, and has excellent construction quality.

After the evaluations, the peer panel will be kept aware of the project status, and may be called upon to provide additional recommendations for successful project completion. The national construction excellence peers will also provide recommendations for improving the overall GSA construction program.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26