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The DOE Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognize individuals, groups, and agencies for their outstanding contributions in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation, and the use of advanced and renewable energy technologies at federal facilities. The GSA winner is:

Contracting Award

Marilyn (Renee) Jewell, U.S. Forest Service
Mark Levi, U.S. General Services Administration
Gerald T. Robinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ray Saracino, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Chandra Shah, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Pilot (FASPP)
Multi-agency, multiple locations

In an effort to reduce internal agency overhead costs by sharing procurement and project management resources, the Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement (FASPP) team developed a contracting solution designed to take advantage of economies of scale in solar installation, with no up-front cost to the government. FASPP demonstrates a nationally replicable process whereby federal agencies leverage combined purchasing power to procure on-site solar energy more efficiently, while saving money on utility bills. FASPP combined several small- to mid-sized federal photovoltaic (PV) installation opportunities within northern California and Nevada into a single procurement. The selected solar developer, Solar City of San Mateo, California, will design, build, own, and operate the PV systems on eight federal properties and sell power to the federal government. Aggregation of multiple sites allowed some of the smaller sites, which may not have been economically viable on their own, to receive competitive bid prices. The solar power is less expensive than grid-based power, will not escalate in price, and is projected to save the government about $5 million in energy costs while producing more than 120 Gigawatt-hours of renewable energy over the 20-year contract term.

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