Putting Energy Research into Practice

GSA’s Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings conducted a two-day workshop in 2011 that brought together government and industry to find ways to overcome the barriers in adopting energy reducing technologies, strategies, and practices.

Researchers from national laboratories and universities, representatives from the real estate and construction industries, and experts from government agencies met to develop strategies on communicating the latest energy research and methodologies to big energy users.

The workshop report “Putting Energy Research into Practice” highlights the following strategies and solutions:

  1. Develop energy reduction solutions
  2. Improve workforce education and training
  3. Influence procurement, contracting, and finance processes
  4. Break down organizational and cultural barriers
  5. Assist decision makers
  6. Support executive- and field-level people with outcome-based research
  7. Use life-cycle cost accounting

Read the Workshop Summary [PDF - 1 MB]

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Last Reviewed: 2018-03-08