Design and Construction

Design and Construction Responsibilities:

  • Represent the fiscal interests for GSA on issues concerning codes and standards.
  • Achieve an acceptable level of safety by developing and consulting on GSA’s fire protection engineering policy and practices related to new construction and building renovation projects.
  • Develop Fire Protection research initiatives to minimize safety risks and to ensure state-of-the-art, cost-effective fire protection and life safety features in our buildings.
  • Liaison with public- and private-sector associations (e.g., AIA, BOMA, Federal Fire Forum, etc.) to address similar code and safety issues that impact all parties to achieve an acceptable level of safety at best value.
  • Provide technical advice to project manager teams involved in new construction and renovation projects to manage risk appropriately.
  • Ensure that consistent and appropriate fire protection requirements are included in all design guides and related policies to support mission continuity, etc.
  • Develop and promote GSA policy, business practices, guides and regulations to positively affect GSA building construction and renovation projects.
  • Develop a “knowledge center” for codes and standards to maximize limited resources.

Fire Protection and Life Safety design and construction criteria can be found in GSA's Facilities Standards P-100.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-15