Fire Protection Engineering and Life Safety

The GSA Fire Protection and Life Safety Program provides a safe and healthful workplace, as well as uninterrupted performance of essential services, and limits federal government losses.

There are Four Program Objectives:

  1. Provide consistently implemented cost-effective fire protection nationwide.
  2. Manage personal and facility safety risks (fire, injuries, etc.) in our inventory.
  3. Increase GSA’s fire protection engineering leadership role nationally in the public and private sectors to assure use of industry best practices and optimizing the use of taxpayer resources.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction, maximize the value of our assets, and increase income for the Federal Building Fund.

The primary responsibilities of this program are:

Design and Construction. This includes reviewing new construction and alteration projects, acceptance testing and commissioning of newly installed fire protection and life safety equipment; and issuing certificates of occupancy upon project completion to ensure best value fire protection and life safety.

Acquisition of Lease Space. This includes developing procedures for acquiring space that provides an environment safe from fire.

Operations and Maintenance. This includes identifying and mitigating potential unsafe conditions in government owned and leased buildings; ongoing inspection, maintenance and testing of fire protection equipment; and continuing education and training for GSA personnel and our tenants.

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Last Reviewed: 2021-06-29