Land Port of Entry Planning Process

The development of Land Port of Entry program, for any given year, begins with the Custom and Border Protection’s priority list of projects, developed from their cyclically revised Strategic Resources Assessment, being officially forwarded to GSA for funding consideration.

For each project forwarded to GSA for funding consideration an Operational Requirements Document defining operational needs for the project is developed by CBP with input from GSA and other project stakeholders. The ORD is then used in the initial project development stage of GSA’s capital project delivery process.

Once in receipt of the list of prioritized projects and their respective ORDs, the GSA regional team responsible for the project’s execution assembles a project development team and begins the preliminary work necessary to launch the project’s Feasibility Study.

In the capital project funding process, the Feasibility Study is followed by a request for project design funding, then construction funding in the following fiscal year.

For more in depth information on the CBP investment planning process or GSA’s project development timeline please refer to:
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Last Reviewed: 2021-06-07