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State Capital: Montgomery
Population: 4,627,851


State Capital: Juneau
Population: 683,478


State Capital: Phoenix
Population: 6,338,755


State Capital: Little Rock
Population: 2,834,797


State Capital: Sacramento
Population: 36,553,215


State Capital: Denver
Population: 4,861,515


State Capital: Hartford
Population: 3,502,309
  • William R. Cotter Federal Building, Hartford, CT

    The William R. Cotter Federal Building is an excellent example of Neoclassical architecture. Its architects adopted traditional classical architectural forms while abandoning excessive interior ornament in favor of Art Deco's more stylized decorative components.

  • Richard C. Lee U. S. Courthouse, New Haven, CT

    Important citizens in New Haven's history inspired the inscriptions on the exterior of the Neoclassical building.


State Capital: Dover
Population: 588,292

District of Columbia

State Capital: Washington
Population: 588,292


State Capital: Tallahassee
Population: 18,251,243


State Capital: Atlanta
Population: 9,544,750


State Capital: Hagatna
Population: 167,000


State Capital: Honolulu
Population: 1,283,388


State Capital: Springfield
Population: 12,852,548


State Capital: Indianapolis
Population: 6,345,289


State Capital: Des Moines
Population: 2,988,046
  • U.S. Courthouse, Davenport, IA

    Local architect Seth J. Temple designed the federal building in the Art Deco style of architecture.

  • Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Sioux City, IA

    When the foundation for the building was excavated by a steam shovel, unemployed workers protested in favor of the more traditional, labor-intensive method of using men with hand tools and horse-drawn equipment. But technology prevailed.

  • U.S. Courthouse, Des Moines, IA

    The U.S. Courthouse is one of seven monumental public buildings constructed along the Des Moines River.


State Capital: Topeka
Population: 2,988,046
  • U.S. Courthouse, Wichita, KS

    The courthouse contains two important Depression-era oil-on-canvas murals located on the east and west walls of the lobby.


State Capital: Frankfort
Population: 4,241,474


State Capital: Baton Rouge
Population: 4,293,204


State Capital: Augusta
Population: 1,317,207


State Capital: Annapolis
Population: 5,618,344


State Capital: Boston
Population: 6,449,755


State Capital: Lansing
Population: 10,071,822


State Capital: St. Paul
Population: 5,197,621


State Capital: Jackson
Population: 2,918,785


State Capital: Helena
Population: 957,861


State Capital: Lincoln
Population: 1,774,571


State Capital: Carson City
Population: 2,565,382

New Hampshire

State Capital: Concord
Population: 1,315,828

New Jersey

State Capital: Trenton
Population: 8,685,920
  • Federal Building, Newark, NJ

    The building is a landmark within the James Street Commons Historic District because of its location on the park, size, and Second Renaissance Revival architectural style.

  • U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Camden, NJ

    Terra cotta relief panels are used on the facade to separate the first and second floors. The panels, which can be found on all four sides of the building, contain alternating images of rosettes, acanthus leaves, shield motifs.

  • Clarkson S. Fisher U.S. Courthouse, Trenton, NJ

    This 1932 building was a WPA project during the Depression and constructed in a Stripped Neoclassical style.

New Mexico

State Capital: Santa Fe
Population: 1,969,915
  • Santiago E. Campos U.S. Courthouse, Santa Fe, NM

    In 1883 the building grounds were chosen as the site for Santa Fe’s "Tertio-Millennial" celebration, and an oval racetrack about 1/3 mile long was set up surrounding the site.

  • U.S. Post Office, Albuquerque, NM

    Built in 1908, it is Albuquerque's oldest remaining federal building. It needed two additions in order to keep up with the growing demands on government services, one constructed in 1923 and the other constructed in 1932.

  • U.S. Courthouse, Albuquerque, NM

    This is the only downtown structure in Albuquerque which salutes the heritage of the Indian culture of the Southwest.

New York

State Capital: Albany
Population: 19,297,729

North Carolina

State Capital: Raleigh
Population: 9,061,032

North Dakota

State Capital: Bismarck
Population: 639,715


State Capital: Columbus
Population: 11,466,917


State Capital: Oklahoma City
Population: 3,617,316


State Capital: Salem
Population: 3,747,455
  • Pioneer Courthouse, Portland, OR

    The Pioneer Courthouse is the oldest extant federal building in the Pacific Northwest. The infamous Oregon Land Fraud trials of 1904 were held in the building, and 33 criminals brought to justice.

  • Gus J. Solomon U.S. Courthouse, Portland, OR

    When the cornerstone of the building was laid in 1932, it included a metal box within the stone containing five Portland daily newspapers and historic documents relating to the building.

  • James A. Redden U.S. Courthouse, Medford, OR

    This was one of two identical buildings constructed during the same time period; the other was in Pendleton, Oregon.


State Capital: Harrisburg
Population: 12,432,792

Puerto Rico

State Capital: San Juan
Population: 3,941,459

Rhode Island

State Capital: Providence
Population: 1,057,832

South Carolina

State Capital: Columbia
Population: 4,407,709

South Dakota

State Capital: Pierre
Population: 796,214
  • U.S. Courthouse, Sioux Falls, SD

    After the battle at Wounded Knee, the construction of a Federal building at Sioux Falls was intended to create a sense of stability and permanence among the newly arrived settlers.


State Capital: Nashville
Population: 6,156,719


State Capital: Austin
Population: 23,904,380


State Capital: Salt Lake City
Population: 2,645,330

Virgin Islands

State Capital:
Population: 0


State Capital: Richmond
Population: 7,712,091


State Capital: Olympia
Population: 6,468,424

West Virginia

State Capital: Charleston
Population: 1,812,035


State Capital: Madison
Population: 5,601,640


State Capital: Cheyenne
Population: 522,830