2019 National Preservation Month

Every May, GSA celebrates our historic buildings, which serve tenant agencies across the country. These federal buildings - more than 500 - are living parts of their communities, and collectively illustrate the social, economic, and physical growth of our nation. As a forward-thinking and innovative steward, GSA continuously rehabilitates these buildings constructed by preceding generations to make them work for 21st-century clients.

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Section 106 Success Stories

Section 106 deals with the protection of historic properties. This preservation regulation is used at GSA while consulting to avoid, mitigate or minimize any adverse effects on historic properties. Read a few of the success stories below.

U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Charleston, SC

Gay Head Lighthouse, Aquinnah, Mass

Map of Historically Significant Buildings

Discover architecturally and historically significant buildings located throughout the country by clicking the image below (page will open in new window).

Washington DC is home to more than 40 GSA Historic Buildings, more than any other location in the United States. See some of them by clicking the image below (page will open in new window).

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-19