GLS Plus

GLS Plus Fact Sheet

Priority GSA Solution
Increase Taxpayer Savings
  • Emphasizes reduction in square footage
  • Strengthens cost savings efforts on the highest valued leases
  • Rewards brokers’ achievements with more opportunities rather than monetary incentives (BVC)
  • Encourages savings at the base contract level instead of the task level
Improve Customer Experience
  • Capitalizes on earlier engagement on high value projects
  • Promotes increased utilization of broker services
  • Allows greater broker flexibility in executing strategic planning services
  • Increases objectivity in broker performance evaluations to align with desired outcomes
Leverage Broker Expertise
  • Raises expectations for broker knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Increases efficiency and cost savings with the introduction of 360 degree camera technology for market surveys
  • Capitalizes on annual market presentations
  • Expands on Pre and Post Award service offerings through enhanced menu of services

Last Reviewed: 2019-07-09