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GLS is a collection of multiple, zonal Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, designed to complement GSA’s leasing workforce and provide support services to the regions in an effort to manage each region’s lease workload. This tool leverages contractors’ expertise to provide more efficient space solutions. The purpose is to assist in delivering the best value in space solutions for the Government and taxpayers, leveraging private sector resources and expertise with reduced contract administration. The GLS Team is extremely pleased to reflect on the many accomplishments that we have realized three years into this contract. Now, with the award of more than 600 task orders, GSA is truly embracing the leasing expertise that our brokers have to offer. Not only has GSA’s commitment to success allowed us to exceed our internal metrics for two consecutive years, we are projecting an estimated $134 million in commission credit to benefit our Tenant Agencies through rent reduction. In recognition of its innovation and outstanding achievements, GLS was honored to receive a 2016 PBS Project Management Award in the Beyond Space category. Additionally, as part of the 2016 GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Best Practices and Innovation [PDF - 1 MB], GLS received Special Achievement recognition within the Asset Management category. In response to Hurricane Maria and Irma, GLS supported several regions by issuing more than a dozen task orders exclusively for FEMA Emergency leases. We appreciate the partnership of both brokers and CORs working together to delivery office and warehouse space under these unfortunate circumstances. The first two years have proven to be a resounding success due to all the hard work and enthusiasm of our exceptional team of dedicated CORs and program officials. With such a commitment to excellence, we are setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in 2018.

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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is developing its solicitation for the next version of the GSA Leasing Support Services contract, GLS Plus. GLS Plus will emphasize taxpayer savings, improve the federal customer agency experience from requirements development through construction management, and leverage private sector expertise on an even broader scale than the current GLS contract. GSA will assess broker performance under GLS Plus based upon achievement of desired outcomes for each lease acquisition project. GSA intends to increase the use of brokers under GLS Plus with enhanced pre- and post-award services and integrating new technologies -- such as virtual market tours and analytical tools -- which promote cost saving real estate solutions. The overarching goal with GLS Plusis to more closely align broker performance with GSA’s strategic objective of saving money through real estate. Broker performance expectations begin with aggressive customer planning efforts, closer adherence to project schedules and costs, and continued opportunities for small businesses. GLS Plus by the Numbers (Five Year Outlook)

  • Estimated Rent Credits to Tenant Agencies -- $129 Million
  • Estimated Square Feet of All Task Orders -- 33 Million Square Feet
  • Estimated Gross Commissions -- $368 Million

While the broker commission structure is similar to GLS, there will no longer be a best value commission tied to achieving below market rental rates under the GLS Plus contract. Instead, there will be an increased focus on awarding task orders to brokers that demonstrate project outcomes aligning with the goals established for individual transactions, especially on high value projects.

The draft solicitation can be viewed on

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GSA Solution

Increase Taxpayer Savings

  • Emphasizes reduction in square footage
  • Strengthens cost savings efforts on the highest valued leases
  • Rewards brokers’ achievements with more opportunities rather than monetary incentives (BVC)
  • Encourages savings at the base contract level instead of the task level

Improve Customer Experience

  • Capitalizes on earlier engagement on high value projects
  • Promotes increased utilization of broker services
  • Allows greater broker flexibility in executing strategic planning services
  • Increases objectivity in broker performance evaluations to align with desired outcomes

Leverage Broker Expertise

  • Raises expectations for broker knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Increases efficiency and cost savings with the introduction of 360 degree camera technology for market surveys
  • Capitalizes on annual market presentations
  • Expands on Pre and Post Award service offerings through enhanced menu of services

Improvements made to program based on stakeholder feedback.

Stakeholder Feedback

GSA Solution

Demonstrate Cost Savings

  • Rental Rate: included new incentives based on lease cost and market performance.
  • Personnel· Realigned internal staffing structure 10 eliminate workload redundancy and use fewer GSA resources on GLS projects

Reduce Administrative Burdens, Create Consistency Among Regions

  • Streamlined ordering procedures. reduced reporting and
    evaluation requirements. Defined consistent regional staffing.

Increase Contract Flexibility, Expand Contract Scope

  • Added menu of services that includes pre and post award

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-13