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GLS is a collection of multiple, zonal Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, designed to complement GSA’s leasing workforce and provide support services to the regions in an effort to manage each region’s lease workload. This tool leverages contractors’ expertise to provide more efficient space solutions. The purpose is to assist in delivering the best value in space solutions for the Government and taxpayers, leveraging private sector resources and expertise with reduced contract administration.

The GLS Team is extremely pleased to reflect on the many accomplishments that we have realized three years into this contract. Now, with the award of more than 600 task orders, GSA is truly embracing the leasing expertise that our brokers have to offer. Not only has GSA’s commitment to success allowed us to exceed our internal metrics for two consecutive years, we are projecting an estimated $134 million in commission credit to benefit our Tenant Agencies through rent reduction.

In recognition of its innovation and outstanding achievements, GLS was honored to receive a 2016 PBS Project Management Award in the Beyond Space category. Additionally, as part of the 2016 GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Best Practices and Innovation [PDF - 1 MB], GLS received Special Achievement recognition within the Asset Management category.

In response to Hurricane Maria and Irma, GLS supported several regions by issuing more than a dozen task orders exclusively for FEMA Emergency leases. We appreciate the partnership of both brokers and CORs working together to delivery office and warehouse space under these unfortunate circumstances.

The first two years have proven to be a resounding success due to all the hard work and enthusiasm of our exceptional team of dedicated CORs and program officials. With such a commitment to excellence, we are setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in 2018.

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Improvements Made To Program Based On Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder Feedback GSA Solution
Demonstrate Cost Savings
  • Rental Rate: Included new incentives based on lease cost and market performance.
  • Personnel: Realigned internal staffing structure to eliminate workload redundancy and use fewer GSA resources on GLS projects.
Reduce Administrative Burdens, Create Consistency Among Regions
  • Streamlined ordering procedures, reduced reporting and evaluation requirements, defined consistent regional staffing.
Increase Contract Flexibility, Expand Contract Scope
  • Added menu of services that includes pre and post award work.
  • Expanded scope of broker responsibilities to mirror GSA leasing specialists.
  • Added strategic planning, including the identification of soft-term lease opportunities.
Increase Opportunities for Small Business
  • Expanded zonal structure from four to nine awards and made requirements less restrictive, enabling smaller firms to be competitive for prime awards.
  • Restructured source selection criteria to consider small business participation.
Increase Utilization of Contract; Use Contract to Decrease Holdovers and Extensions
  • Developed a utilization strategy based on portfolio needs and workload planning.
  • Incorporated contract utilization into the GSA/PBS Strategic Blueprint and Performance Plans.
  • Instituted a new staffing structure that uses less GSA in-house resources on broker projects.

The National Broker Contract (NBC) Program has been a vital program within the Leasing community for the past eleven years. As a result, three National contracts have been awarded, which have been very instrumental in the success of the leasing program. NBC1, the first generation of broker contracts, reached expiration in 2010 after a successful five-year run. That year, NBC2, the second of its kind, was put into effect. It offered a number of improvements over the prior generation contracts. Task orders were awarded against the NBC2 contracts through 2015. The latest contract, GSA Leasing Support Services (GLS), was awarded in September 2015 with a NTP, issued January 2016.

The brokerage program is a highly visible program, involving Congressional stakeholders, private sector interests, and other Government agencies. To date, the broker program has been used to procure 3,622 leases with a rental avoidance of $297M for the Government.


What is the basic structure of the National Broker Contract?

Under the National Broker Contract 2, four nationwide contracts have been awarded.Each contract has a small business set-aside goal of ranging from 27 to 30 percent that was evaluated as part of the award. All successful offerors are to meet or exceed this goal. The contracts were awarded as a 1 year base and can be extended for a total of four years, subject to annual renewal options.

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What is a "no cost" National Broker Contract?

The Government Accountability Office Advisory Ruling allows GSA to enter into contracts with real estate brokers without augmenting its appropriations since the proposed contracts do not contemplate the government receiving funds from the brokers. This contract vehicle is what we are commonly calling the "No Cost" contract. It is where the contractor will negotiate and collect the commissions typically paid in the private sector as payment for contract services with no payments being made directly by the government.

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Who was awarded the National Broker Contract Award?

Under the National Broker Contract, four nationwide contracts were awarded to the real estate companies of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas Inc., Julien J. Studley, Inc., CB Richard Ellis, and DTZ (formerly UGL Services Equis Operations). .

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What is the duration of the contract?

These four contracts were awarded as modified performance-based contracts with a 1 year base period, and they can be extended for a total of five years, subject to annual renewal options. The contracts were awarded on June 21, 2010. The Contractor's were provided Notice to Proceed on October 1, 2010. The base contract year began on October 1, 2010 and ran through September 30, 2011.. The Second Renewal Option was exercised for the period October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012, Third Renewal Option was October 1, 2012 through September 20, 2013, the Fourth Renewal Option is October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014 and the Fifth and Last Renewal Option year has not been exercised for the period October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015.

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When will there be an opportunity to compete for the next generation contract action?

A follow-on nationwide procurement action is underway. All procurement actions will be posted on the website. You can also visit the BC3 website for additional information.

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How Will GSA ensure that small businesses have adequate opportunity to compete under the new contract?

Each awarded contract has a Government imposed target set aside goal ranging from 27 to 30 percent of the total contract value to be specifically subcontracted with small businesses. The National Broker Contract 2 (NBC2) program through relationships with prime contractors compensated small businesses $931,479 in FY13 for a total of $1.96M since contract inception.

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What is the customer service initiative driving the NBC?

To be able to deliver high-quality leased space in a consistent manner at the best value for customer agencies. It will minimize confusion for our government agency clients and will allow PBS associates to better manage the entire space delivery process so that customers can concentrate on their core missions. The contract will allow GSA to leverage our position in the market that will enable us to negotiate the best market rates for our customers..

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Will customers be charged an additional Broker's fee?

No, the customers will not be charged any additional fee for work accomplished by Brokers. Under this contract, the National Brokers are collecting their fees in commissions from the landlord. In previous contracts, GSA paid the broker fees under traditional services contracts for no commissions. Any commissions were negotiated or rebated back as an offset to the lease. Under the new "no cost" contract, the contractor will have the opportunity collect the commissions they negotiate with the landlord minus a pre-priced percentage of the commissions that will be applied to the customers' shell rent. The customer will benefit directly and immediately from any commission credits. Under an expedited lease action, GSA and the customer will receive no commission offset to rent.

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Will GSA continue to be the primary contact?

GSA Realty Professionals will continue to be the primary contact and the focal point for all transactions. The National Broker Contract is one of the tools for our leasing personnel to add capacity in servicing our customers.

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What plans does GSA have to become better educated about who has the authority to make decisions for the agency?

In coordination with our GSA/PBS Human Capital Strategy, increased emphasis is placed on understanding our customers better. We are integrating our business process into the Transaction Management Playbook to improve our customer interactions. The National Broker Contracts contain the process to facilitate that interaction by the means of project orientation discussions among the GSA Realty Specialist, the Customer, and the Broker. At the project orientation meeting, a communication plan is developed by all parties in order to ensure the communications flow is being conducted in the manner and frequency the agency would like to receive. Communications contacts, as well as approval authority, are to be clearly identified and adhered to by all.

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Will the brokers add another level of approval to the process?

The brokers are not an approval level in the leasing process. Their work is strictly monitored through GSA oversight and contract compliance reviews. The GSA leasing personnel is, and shall remain, the primary point of contact for the customer from the initial notification throughout the entire project until occupancy. With the NBC2 contract, GSA has instituted new internal management controls for improved oversight.

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How does this affect the cost of my lease?

We anticipate better rental rates for our customers from the National contractors due to the fact their future work with GSA is dependent on their performance on each individual project. One of the performance criteria we will monitor is the rental rates they negotiate.

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General Information NBC2
NBC2 contract VOL-I REDACTED [PDF - 7 MB]
NBC2 contract VOLUME-II July 2010 [PDF - 2 MB]

NBC Team Points_of_Contact [PDF - 37 KB]

National Broker Contracts Small Business Points of Contact for NBC and NBC2

Draft Solicitation - BQD0018 30 Nov 2009
Exhibit_1 list of regional offices [PDF - 22 KB]
Exhibit_2_Laws_Statutes.pdf [PDF - 62 KB]
Exhibit 3 Expiring Leases [PDF - 2 MB]
Exhibit_4_LCRM_Measure.pdf [PDF - 36 KB]
Exhibit 5 Market Analysis [PDF - 12 KB]
Exhibit 6 lease file checklist and guidance [PDF - 222 KB]
Exhibit_7a_7b_7c_COI Non_Disclosures_Dual_Agency [PDF - 41 KB]
Exhibit 8 Project Schedule [PDF - 61 KB]
Exhibit_9 Comprehensive Market Survey Checklist [PDF - 177 KB]
Exhibit_10 Best Value Tradeoff process [PDF - 12 KB]
Exhibit 11 - Commission Templates [PDF - 16 KB]
Exhibit_13_Model_Small_Business_Subcontracting_Plan [PDF - 660 KB]
Exhibit 14 Small Business Concerns with GSA contracts [PDF - 29 KB]
Exhibit 15 MSAs [PDF - 46 KB]
Draft Solicitation Questions and Responses
Draft_Question_and_Responses_11_Jan_2010_NBC2 [PDF - 250 KB]
RFP Documents
RFP GS00P09BQD0018 Volume 1-13 Jan 2010 [PDF - 930 KB]
RFP GS00P09BQD0018 VOLUME II 13 Jan 2010 [PDF - 177 KB]
Exhibit 3 Expiring Leases [PDF - 2 MB]
Exhibit 6 lease file checklist and guidance [PDF - 222 KB]
Exhibit 8 Project Schedule [XLS - 30 KB]
Exhibit_9 Comprehensive Market Survey Checklist [PDF - 177 KB]
Exhibit_15_MSAs.pdf [PDF - 46 KB]
Amendment 1 GS00P09BQD0018 [PDF - 24 KB]
Volume I Page Revisions [PDF - 187 KB]
Volume II Page Revisions [PDF - 45 KB]
Summary of Amendment 1 Revisions 02-05-2010 [PDF - 39 KB]
Amendment 2 New Page 1 [PDF - 22 KB]
Exhibit 2-Laws Statutes 2-08-10 [PDF - 62 KB]
Amendment 2 GS00P09BQD0018 [PDF - 24 KB]
Amendment 3 GS00P09BQD0018 [PDF - 20 KB]
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