Lease Delegations

In 1996, the GSA Administrator granted all federal agencies conditional delegations of leasing authority to procure their own space. The delegation required agencies to comply with all laws, executive orders and regulations governing GSA realty contracting officers and required agencies to communicate with GSA regional offices prior to using the delegation.

In late 2007 and again in 2013, GSA modified the general and special purpose leasing delegations program centralizing delegations authorizations and oversight to address program deficiencies identified by the Government Accountability Office and GSA's Office of the Inspector General. Federal agencies must now demonstrate the organizational capacity to acquire and administer the lease and establish that it is cost-effective for GSA to authorize the leasing delegation. Agencies using the general purpose and special purpose leasing delegations must comply with FMR Bulletin C-2. All general purpose leasing delegation authorization requests are covered by the submittal requirements contained in FMR Bulletin C-2. All special purpose leasing delegation authorization requests exceeding 2,500 square feet of space and categorical delegation are covered by the submittal requirements contained in FMR Bulletin C-2.

As established by the bulletin, GSA’s centralized approval process will promote consistency in:

  1. Processing of delegation requests.
  2. Providing guidance to petitioning agencies.
  3. Performing post-award reviews of delegated leases.

These changes to the program will enhance GSA's ability to assess agency accountability and facilitate benchmarking of agency performance against GSA's Lease Cost Relative to Market Performance. The oversight program will provide better reporting capabilities to stakeholders and more precise knowledge of delegation trends.

Agencies wishing to use a general purpose, categorical delegation or special purpose leasing delegation where the special purpose space exceeds exceeds 2500 square feet of space, must submit a delegation application in the GSA GREX data system for delegation approval.

Reference Files
Lease Delegations Overview for Customers April 2016 [PDF - 92 KB]
G-REX Account Request Form for External Users [PDF - 27 KB]
Lease Obligation Statutes and Procedures [PDF - 77 KB]
Memo for users of OMB Circular no. A-11 on Revolving Funds [PDF - 296 KB]
Delegation of Lease Acquisition Authority Annual Obligation of Multi-year lease [PDF - 64 KB]
FMR Bulletin C-2 in Federal Register 2014-08645 [PDF - 196 KB]
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Last Reviewed: 2021-10-15