Leasing Policy

Issuance of Lease Acquisition Circulars (LAC), Leasing Alerts and Realty Services Letters (RSL) transmit changes in leasing policy and procedures to GSA realty practitioners. This policy may be developed in response to initiatives such as new legislation, Executive Order, internal agency policy, audit findings, protest decisions, etc. Some policies are developed in conjunction with other PBS offices such as Office of Real Property Asset Management, Office of the Chief Architect, General Counsel, etc. These policies are mandatory for GSA and for agencies operating under delegations from GSA, when they implement laws, Executive Orders, and regulations. Other issuance are no longer mandatory, but are retained for reference as good business practices. RSLs, LACs and Leasing Alerts have a sunset provision; each summer, GSA reviews them to determine their continuing applicability. Unless otherwise mentioned within a Letter, Circular or Alert, these procedures and practices are mandatory. RSL, LAC and Leasing Alert issuance often cover more than one subject, and there may be more than one that applies to a particular subject with the more recent modifying some portion of an earlier issuance. It is the responsibility of the Realty Professional to be familiar with each issuance.

Please see the Leasing Desk Guide (LDG) page for active LAC's, RSL's, and Leasing Alerts.

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-16