Changes of Ownership


The Federal Acquisition Regulation provides a framework for the Government to recognize a change of ownership, such as when a lessor buys or sells a property with a Government tenant. See FAR 42.1204.

  1. PAYMENT: GSA stays in privity of contract with the current lessor, and will continue to pay the current lessor until the lease is amended to recognize the new owner as the lessor.
  2. PREPARATION: Start the process early - the standard Change of Ownership clause requires the lessor to inform GSA within 5 days of transfer of title.
  3. PROCESS: The seller must maintain its System for Award Management (SAM) registration. The buyer must provide proof of active SAM registration for All Awards for the Novation to be completed.

To request a change of ownership please begin by using the below map to decide which Zone covers the state in where your lease is located:

change of ownership - zones

Novation Request Forms:

General Lease Contract Administration Questions:

Last Reviewed: 2020-02-25