Lease Process Reform

Please Note: The final Report on Lease Process Reform is available now.

Our goals are to streamline, standardize, and simplify how we do business.

  • Streamlining means reducing redundant steps and scaling back risk-averse policies that increase lease cycle time and make it difficult for many potential lessors to compete for our business.
  • Standardizing means adopting a common, shared framework or starting point. This consistency seeks to avoid regularly reinventing the wheel for ordinary processes, yet still allows for innovation and flexibility.
  • Simplifying means reducing the number of moving parts and complicated mechanisms for performing conceptually simple tasks. Though substantial revision to current process, policy, and procedure is important and a significant part of the Reengineering Team’s efforts, in some instances managing the small is in order. For example, the smallest tweak in a longstanding general clause or a minute change in an existing policy is all that is required to make a major difference. The team recognizes that for significant change to occur, we must balance both large and small-scale revision and improvement.

Lease Process Reform Documentation

Date Issued Subject Type
April 2011 Lease Process Reform Final Report PDF [PDF - 2 MB]
October 2010 Lease Reform Policy Circular 1 & 2 PDF [PDF - 728 KB]
March 2010 Final Recommendations Report PDF [PDF - 2 MB]

Lease Reform Policy Circular (LRPC) is a policy requirement in effect prior to completion of a Lease Acquisition Circular (LAC) issuance. LACs are incorporated into the Leasing Desk Guide.

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