Leasing Desk Guide (LDG)

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Purpose and Scope

The Leasing Desk Guide (LDG) chapters contain authorities, policies, technical and procedural guides, and administrative limitations governing the acquisition by lease of real property. It replaces previous Public Buildings Service (PBS) leasing guides and incorporates other existing policies and procedures. Realty professionals must follow the policies of the effective Leasing Alerts (LA) or Lease Acquisition Circulars (LAC) or Realty Service Letters (RSL) until they are canceled by additional LDG issuances. The process overviews in this desk guide do not completely cover all of the possible considerations and alternative courses of action that realty professionals must know to successfully complete all possible lease actions. However, they should be able to use the material in this desk guide to help them tie together the typical considerations, process steps, and review requirements that they could normally expect to encounter.

Last Reviewed: 2021-11-29