Automated Advanced Acquisition Program

GSA's Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP) offers people and businesses the opportunity to electronically offer building space for lease to the Federal Government. The offer submission process is completely web-enabled, allowing all registered participants to submit and update offers to lease space to the Federal Government within specified timeframes, in response to a Request for Lease Proposal (RLP).

If you are interested in leasing space to the Federal Government, visit GSA's Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP) website.

Automated Advanced Acquisition Program
Quick Overview

Brief Summary:
The Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP) is a procurement platform that the Federal government uses to lease office space in metropolitan areas across the country. It allows you the opportunity to offer your space for lease through a web-based application located at AAAP website. The AAAP handles office space requirements ranging from 500 square up to $2.85 million net annual rent.

How it Works:
Offers can be submitted through the AAAP website during the open period from the 1st through the 7th of every month.

Offers are ranked according to present value to the government, taking into account base rent, operating costs, interest on tenant improvements, construction markups, and free rent.

Awards are made through the AAAP to the lowest-priced building that can accommodate the government’s needs in terms of square footage, technical requirements, length of lease term, and delineated area.


  • Employs online offer submission (100% paperless)
  • Incorporates electronic signature technology
  • Allows building owners to submit / update / modify offers in real time
  • Step by step offer submission process
  • Available customer service support when submitting your online offer
  • More efficient, quicker lease process for you and the government

For more information, visit GSA's Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP) website.

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