Sustainability Policies and Procedures

GSA promotes government-wide efforts to incorporate sustainable standards and practices in leased space that federal agencies occupy. To support this work, GSA issued the following policy:

This Lease Acquisition Circular (LAC) issues lease policy implementing the PBS Key Sustainable Products (KSP) initiative announced by Commissioner Norm Dong in December 2014, in order to identify consistent PBS-wide environmental requirements for products that PBS, its lessors, and its contractors purchase most frequently.

While there is no separate "green lease" for special leases, there are additional requirements in the RLP and lease for lease construction and for customers seeking the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-CI) certification.

LAC-2011-13 [PDF - 675 KB] Sustainability Update

Strengthens requirements for green lease language in accordance with EO13514 and revises the Energy Star requirements to allow certain buildings ineligible for a current Energy Star because of occupancy issues to be considered as having the Energy Star label for lease award purposes.

RSL-2010-2 [PDF - 3 MB] Energy Star® Requirement for Lease Acquisition

Implements the Energy Star requirement of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) for Lease Acquisition. Section 435 of EISA mandates that no Federal agency enter into a leasing contract on or after December 19, 2010, for a building that has not earned the Energy Star label in the most recent year, unless the space requirement is in compliance with specific exceptions provided in the EISA statute. If a building will not have an Energy Star label in accordance with one of the exceptions in the EISA statute, the successful offeror must nevertheless renovate the space for all energy efficiency and conservation improvements that would be cost effective over the life of the lease.

RSL-2007-12 [PDF - 1 MB] Green Lease Policies and Procedures for Lease Acquisition

Outlines policy to implement energy and environmental leasing requirements. This policy incorporates modified and additional green language for all leases. The letter also provides accompanying policy in accordance with Executive Order 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management, and the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

  • Attachment 1 - Green Lease Policies and Procedures for Lease Acquisition
  • Attachment 2 - Solicitation Paragraphs with New and Revised Green Lease Text
  • Attachment 3 - Instructions for Use of Green Lease Solicitation Paragraph Reference Chart
  • Attachment 4 - Unrevised SFO (Green Lease) Paragraphs Reissued
  • SFO Paragraph Reference Chart.


Energy Star: Updates to Energy Star Metrics

Energy Star Requirement for Lease Acquisition (EISA Section 435) Table [PDF - 46 KB] Updated 10/03/2017

GSA Sustainable Leases/Buildings/RSF: Guiding Principle Compliant, LEED/Green Globes, Energy Star

Energy Star Training

Sustainable Facilities Tool

SF ToolWhether you’re a facility manager, purchasing agent, designer, tenant, or just curious, SFTool can help you take action to enhance sustainability for your buildings, purchases, and operations.

GSA has established the Office of Federal High Performance Buildings serves as a resource and coordination point for all federal sustainability initiatives.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-18