Utility Consumption Reporting

Lessors must report utility consumption data—including electricity, gas, and water—for leases over 10,000 rentable square feet (RSF) upon the effective date of the lease as required by energy disclosure requirements in Executive Order 13693.

Lessors must use the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager Tool to report utility consumption data. For help, refer to the Lessor Guidance on UCR Compliance [PDF - 113 KB] or contact UCR@gsa.gov.

Section 6 of our GSA lease contract states the following:

Utility consumption reporting

Upon the effective date of the Lease, only for leases over 10,000 RSF, the Lessor shall provide regular quarterly reports for the amount of utilities (including water) consumed at the Building broken down by utility type per month for the duration of the Lease. Lessors shall report this utility consumption data within 45 calendar days of the end of each calendar quarter in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Portfolio Manager online tool. Data reported includes, but is not limited to, the number of actual units consumed by utility type per month, and associated start and end date(s) for that consumption.

Last Reviewed: 2022-09-14