Rockaway Grove

345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, California 94025
Redevelopment Opportunity


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Property Highlight

Rockaway Grove, located at 345 Middlefield Road, in Menlo Park, California, is a +/-17.36-acre parcel in the heart of Silicon Valley that is ideal for redevelopment.

The property is currently improved with approximately 412,663 gross square feet of space including 17 individual buildings which range in size from 470 to 159,555 gross square feet. The most prominent buildings are Building 3 and Building 15 located on the eastern side of the campus. Building 3 is a 2,795 square-foot two-story office and lab building built in the 1950s and renovated in 1998. Building 15 is a three-story, 159,555 square-foot structure that was built in 1995 and faces Middlefield Road. The remaining buildings are smaller and surround the main structures. They include a variety of small labs as well as some accessory office, storage, and maintenance uses, as well as a childcare/preschool facility and a credit union.

The property sits approximately halfway between El Camino Real/CA-82 and the Bayshore Freeway/Highway 101, offering easy access to a robust workforce across the greater Bay Area. Additionally, businesses enjoy nearby Dumbarton Express, VTA, SamTrans, and Caltrain stops for convenient commuting. The San Francisco International, San Jose International, and Oakland International airports can be reached within 40 minutes or less for business travel options. Known for being home to tech giants, Menlo Park is known for being home to tech giants and multiple other successful startups who continue to entice supporting businesses to set up shop in the area – making Menlo Park one of the nation’s most dynamic areas for invention in the world. 345 Middlefield Road offers a unique opportunity in a fantastic location for businesses looking to join a renowned area.

  • +/- 17.36-acre site in Menlo Park, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, formerly home to the US Geological Survey Campus.
  • The property’s central Peninsula location midway between San Francisco and San Jose offers access to a robust, highly educated workforce.
  • Comprising 17 buildings and ±412,663 SF, the site features labs, offices, storage, and maintenance uses.
  • Rockaway Grove provides convenient access to numerous public transportation options, offers an open parking plan, and features the cover of beautiful trees and ample green spaces.
  • Numerous tech firms and supporting businesses in the surrounding area.

Site Map

Rockaway Grove Site Map
Building name Type GSF Year built / Renovated
Bldg. 1 (CA0901) Office/Lab 42,614 1953/2002
Bldg. 2 (CA0902) Office 45,502 1956/2002
Bldg. 1C (CA0912) Telecommunications 2,187 1983
Bldg. 20 (CA0917) Office, Cafe, Credit Union 12,063 1999
Bldg. 13 (CA0918) Childcare Facility 7,092 1993
Bldg. 3 (CA0903) Office 92,795 1953/1988
Bldg. 9E (CA0904) Office 3,197 1980
Bldg. 10 (CA0905 Lab/Storage 2,511 1975
Bldg. 3A (CA0906) Office/Storage 11,388 1978/1987
Bldg. 9F (CA0907) Storage 1,210 1976
Bldg. 9G (CA0908) Office/Lab 5,477 1982
Bldg. 11 (CA0909) Office/Lab 10,248 1983
CA0910 Gardeners Shed Storage Shed 596 1985
Bldg. 12 (CA0013) Haz Storage 470 1976
Bldg. 4 Rock Process Lab (CA0914) Office/Lab 12,584 1990
Bldg. 15 (CA0915) Office/Lab 159,555 1995
Bldg 16. Paleo Magnetic Lab (CA0916) Lab 3,174 1995
Photovoltaic System Ground mounted carport structures 46,365 2016

Relevant Documents

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Bidding Process and Timeline

The property will be sold via on-line auction, and information on that process can be found on the website.

  • The auction process allows for interested parties to bid on and potentially acquire the property in a transparent, expedited process. Unlike traditional property sales where the price and terms of competing offers are unknown, GSA’s online auction provides interested groups with a high level of control over the bidding process.
  • Interested parties are encouraged to review the Invitation for Bids (IFB) and schedule an appointment to tour the property.
  • Bidders are required to post a $750,000 deposit (refundable if not awarded the property) and the minimum bid for the property is $120,000,000.
  • The property is being sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. GSA has provided numerous due diligence documents on the property for review by potential bidders. The documents can be viewed in the Relevant Documents section.


For property details and inquiries/questions regarding property inspection:

Chelsey Battaglia, Realty Specialist

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-23