Weymouth Woods
Shea Memorial Drive, Weymouth, MA


Property Highlight

  • 51+ acres in Greater Boston
  • Largest land tract on the market in the vicinity
  • 30 minutes from Boston
  • Highly accessible to north/south routes (3 and 18) direct to Downtown Boston and to points west via Rt 495
  • Walk to MBTA South Weymouth commuter rail station

Weymouth Woods, located at Shea Memorial Drive, in Weymouth, MA, is +/-51 acres consisting of 2 non-contiguous parcels. The Property was formerly used as a United States Coast Guard housing facility and is located one mile from the MBTA South Weymouth commuter rail station. The Property is within the jurisdiction of the Town of Weymouth and subject to redevelopment oversight by the Southfield Redevelopment Authority pursuant to the Enabling Legislation Acts of 2014, Chapter 291 (Exhibit B). Surrounding land uses include residential properties to the east and the north; a new residential development across Shea Memorial Drive to the west and ancillary buildings for Union Point to the south.


  • Latitude (North): 42.1640510 - 42˚ 9’ 50.58’’
  • Longitude (West): 70.9397990 - 70˚ 56’ 23.2

The Property consists of two non-contiguous parcels; the larger parcel is 50.31 acres and has frontage along the former Shea Memorial Drive and the smaller parcel is 0.77 acres and has access from Memorial Grove Avenue. The Property was transferred from the US Navy to the USCG in 1998 and included a mix of four-plex, three-plex and single-family units totaling 165 residential units. Demolition of the housing units began in 2003 and was completed in 2015, leaving a few ancillary structures (garages, administrative building). The Property is improved with nearly 6,000 linear feet of roadway, underground infrastructure, 3 storage garages, a maintenance office (2500SF), supporting workshop (1400SF), surface parking and perimeter fencing. Access to the Property is not guaranteed by the Government and must be obtained by the Grantee independent from this transaction.

Relevant Documents

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Bidding Process and Timeline

The property is currently being sold via on-line auction, and information on that process can be found on the website.

  • The auction process allows for interested parties to bid on and potentially acquire the property in a transparent, expedited process. Unlike traditional property sales where the price and terms of competing offers are unknown, GSA’s online auction provides interested groups with a high level of control over the bidding process.
  • Bidders are required to post a $150,000 registration deposit.
  • The property is being sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. GSA has provided numerous due diligence documents on the property for review by potential bidders. The documents can be viewed in the relevant documents section.


For property details and inquiries/questions regarding property inspection:

Weymouth Woods
Shea Memorial Drive, Weymouth, MA

Kevin Legare

Last Reviewed: 2022-04-29