Upcoming Live (virtual) Presentations

  • RWA Policy and Process Fundamentals - an overview of the foundational policies and processes that govern the reimbursable services program. Stay tuned for the link to register for the next session!
  • eRETA Digest - shows how to submit RWA Work Requests and amendments to GSA in eRETA, digital signature functionality, and more. Stay tuned for the link to register for the next session!
  • For video recordings and Q&As from past presentations, please visit

RWA Fee Reform

  • In June/July 2020 we held training sessions on GSA's new fee structure, how it differs from the existing fee structure, and the importance of the RWA Acceptance Date, which determines which fee structure will be used. Training slides, Q&As, and a video recording can be found at GSA's Client Enrichment Series website

RWA Basics Training

  • The RWA Basics training [PDF - 640 KB] is available to both GSA employees and external customers in an effort to increase national consistency and understanding regarding RWA Policy, RWA Types, the RWA life cycle and the RWA Entry and Tracking Application (RETA / eRETA).

eRETA Training Materials

  • Visit or click the eRETA page on the left navigation bar, and then click the "eRETA Training Materials" page.
Last Reviewed: 2023-05-19