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Promo Guides

  • RWA 'Search' screens in eRETA [PDF - 648KB] - Outlines primary enhancements to RETA 7.0 including three search screens: RWA Search, Financial Review Search, and Estimate Search.
  • Electronic RWA Enhancements to eRETA [PDF - 424KB] - Highlights new electronic tools such as direct data entry and digital signatures, both of which are available to GSA customer agencies.

User Guides

  • Submitting RWA Work Requests to GSA in eRETA [PDF - 1.6GB] Step by step instructions on how GSA customer agencies can enter and submit new RWA Work Requests to GSA via RETA / eRETA. Revision history outlined below:
    • August 2017 (v6) - Section 5 (pg.10) outlines streamlined data entry functionality allowing customer agencies to enter both the Work Request and the remaining RWA data in one session.
    • June 2017 (v5) - Section 10 (pg.26-30) includes Digital Signature guidance.
  • Requesting and Applying Digital Signatures [PDF - 978KB] - Outlines how GSA customer agencies can utilize the RWA Digital Signature Solution integrated with RETA / eRETA.
  • Submitting RWA Amendments to GSA via eRETA: Coming soon!

Other Training Resources

Note: Adobe Reader is required to view these PDF files. Click here for more information. If the latest version of Adobe Reader is installed and you are still having issues viewing PDFs, please try one of the following:

  1. If using Internet Explorer, visit this site and scroll down to "Reset the Display PDF in Browser preference (Acrobat/Reader X or earlier)".
  2. If using Google Chrome, visit this site.

Video Training Demos:

Recently we offered live training demo sessions to customers to give them an opportunity to see the three electronic tools utilized in a test environment and ask questions beyond what the user guides provide. Below are recordings of these demonstrations which serve as alternatives to the PDF user guides listed above.

Note: Both videos are closed captioned. Users can turn captions on or off by clicking the

Closed caption

symbol at the bottom right of the video.

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