Building Performance Assessment Toolkit

The lack of vital information about building performance can have a negative impact on both operations and occupant satisfaction. Building owners and operators need good metrics to ensure they are providing a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. Good information is also key to tactical service management methods, which can depend on rapid and continuous monitoring of building performance.

The "Building Performance Assessment Toolkit” addresses the need for objective, quantified measures of building performance. It provides metrics for energy, lighting, thermal comfort, and maintenance. It contains performance indicators that provide cost-effective, quantitative predictions and assessments of how well buildings enable specific client functions.

The metrics allow the evaluator to understand how multiple systems interact to produce a given level of building performance. The toolkit can also be used with “as designed” information to better inform design decisions and assess the sensitivity of certain design parameters on performance.

The research team benchmarked the toolkit against 10 GSA buildings in order to achieve the following goals:

  1. Calibrate and validate the toolkit routines.
  2. Verify the applicability and usability of the toolkit in the building owner’s daily practice.
  3. Explore opportunities for broader use and future additions to the toolkit.
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