Government Operations Suspended

Partial Government Shutdown Ends [January 25, 2019]

The President has signed a continuing resolution through February 15, 2019.

GSA Shutdown Plan

In the event of a lapse in federal government funding, a number of operations at GSA are affected.

Furlough Resources for GSA Employees: Stay abreast of important information and updates regarding the furlough. (Updated January 23, 2019)

Table of Contents

Message to Lessor Community (Updated January 28, 2019)

Payments of rent due on February 1, 2019, will be made on time.

If landlords have any questions, they should contact the Lease Contracting Officer associated with their lease.

Status of Operations (Updated January 15, 2019)

Status of Operations for GSA Managed Federal Buildings

In the absence of appropriations, GSA owned and leased buildings will remain open (actual operating status may vary by the operational status of the building tenants). Maintenance, janitorial services, and utilities will continue. The Federal Protective Service will continue to provide facility security. These services will be provided to the extent necessary and may be reduced from regular service levels. Please see the Facilities Status and Information Overview web page for building specific information.

Status of Operations for GSA Managed Child Care Centers

Child care centers housed in GSA facilities are operated by non-federal entities and can remain open at the discretion of the service provider. Each facility is independently operated. Providers and sponsoring agencies consider a variety of factors when making the decision to close or remain open. Center users should check with their local provider to confirm operational status.

Status of Operations for GSA SmartPay Charge Card and Related Payment Services Program

GSA SmartPay accounts, including purchase, travel, fleet and integrated cards, will continue to function during the shutdown. GSA SmartPay contractor banks will not deactivate any account unless notified to do so by GSA or authorized agency/organization officials. Excepted personnel, prior to use of a charge card, are reminded first to consult agency policy due to appropriation limitations in place during shutdown.

For further governmentwide information, please refer to the GSA SmartPay shutdown Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page at:

Status of Operations for U.S. Courts

For questions about the U.S. Courts operations plan, please contact the U.S. Courts at 202-502-2600 or U.S. Court website and newsroom.

Status of Operations for Federal Construction

GSA follows “GSA Order 4220.1L ADM Operations in the Absence of Appropriations” in determining how to proceed on existing projects.

Last Reviewed: 2020-02-13