Any Connect

The Cisco AnyConnect app allows you to connect your mobile device to the GSA network to securely access GSA resources including InSite, Chatter, and Salesforce.

Configure the App

Image of Step 1 configuring the Anyconnect app1. Click "OK" to Enable AnyConnect

 Image of Step 2 configuring the Anyconnect app 2. Tap "Connections"

 Image of Step 3 configuring the Anyconnect app 3. Tap "Add VPN Connection"

 Image of Step 4 configuring the Anyconnect app 4. Type a name for the connection e.g.

Logging In

 Image of Step 1 logging in the Anyconnect app Slide the slider next to "AnyConnect VPN"

 Image of Step 2 logging in the Anyconnect app Enter your ENT username and password

 Image of Step 3 logging in the Anyconnect app 7. Enter your OTP pin from the SecureAuth app and hit Done. You are now connected

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-29