Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is now available at GSA as a free and cost saving meeting option. Google Hangouts Meet is a simple-to-use way for an audio, video, or a web sharing meeting. Meet allows the participation of a host and up to 49 participants.

Once you get the app (using either link, above), follow the steps below to access it. Find detailed instructions for how to use Hangouts Meet on InSite.

Configure the App

Screenshot google login step one1. Enter your email address and hit Sign in. No password is needed

Screenshot of google login step two2. You will be directed to GSA Secure Auth

Screenshot for step 3 google login3. Enter your ENT username, and click "Submit"

Screenshot of google login step 44. Choose a delivery method for your 1-time password

Screenshot of google login step 55. Enter the passcode you have received

Screenshot of google login step 66. Finally, Enter your ENT password and click Submit

Last Reviewed: 2020-01-30