GSA's Social Media Landscape

Social media isn’t just where content is discovered, but where it is shared. Within GSA, there are various ways you can participate in, and become more familiar with, social media including:

  • GSA’s DigitalGov University – You are encouraged to take a Social Media Awareness course and an Ethics & Social Media course.
  • Salesforce Chatter – An internal platform where you can engage in conversations and join groups related to the effective use of social media.
  • GSA’s Social Media Directory – A place where anyone, inside or outside of the agency can learn about GSA’s Social Media sites and initiatives. Learn how we use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more to connect with customers and share information to help us better serve the public and fulfill our mission.
  • Social Media Account Verification Tool – At this GSA-managed registry (available in English and Spanish), anyone can confirm the validity of a variety of government social media accounts.
  • DigitalGov – This site is a platform to help those in agencies working on providing digital services and information for the public. Managed by GSA’s Technology Transformation Service, this site helps employees using social media find information that will help them deliver a great customer experience. DigitalGov staff works government-wide to help all agencies strengthen their social media practices, including working to negotiate Federal–compatible Terms of Service (TOS) agreements between the federal government and vendors who offer free social media tools. These federal–compatible TOS agreements modify or remove problematic clauses in standard TOS agreements, and allow federal employees to legally use these tools.

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