Reduce the Footprint

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At the end of FY 2017, GSA had reduced its own internal real estate portfolio by almost 27 percent (1.3 million usable square footage (USF)) compared to the FY 2015 RTF baseline. The largest USF reduction during FY 2017 resulted from reducing space at three regional office buildings in the New England Region, the National Capital Region and the Southeast Sunbelt Region. In FY 2018, GSA reduced its leased and Federally owned inventory by just over three million square feet.

GSA made additional reductions during FY 2018 at GSA's Regional Office Building in the Great Lakes Region.

GSA is continuously seeking to maximize the use of owned Federal space, eliminating costly lease arrangements, and disposing of underutilized assets. GSA is improving the utilization of space through various workplace strategies including: rightsizing individual, collaborative, and support spaces; desk-sharing; a continued emphasis on enabling and supporting mobile work; and shifting from traditional office space to more flexible, equitable, open-plan workplace environments.

Reduce the Footprint Baseline Comparison

FY 2015 Baseline


Change (FY 2015
Baseline - 2017)

Usable Square Footage (USF)




Reporting of O&M Costs – Owned and Direct Lease Buildings

Reported Cost



Operation and
Maintenance Costs
($ in millions)*

$40 $34.3 ($5.7)

* Reflects operating rent that PBS billed to the GSA OAs subject to RTF in FY 2015 and FY 2017. These figures are different from the O&M costs reported in FRPP as GSA’s FRPP O&M costs are reported at the asset level and includes vacant Federal space as well as space occupied by other agency OAs. Additionally, FRPP definition of O&M costs includes only actual expenses, recurring maintenance and repair costs, utilities, cleaning and roads/grounds expenses; whereas PBS billed operating rent may include other operating cost components.

Last Reviewed: 2018-12-18