Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act Section 4

2012 Agency Financial Report Management Discussion and Analysis

Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act Section 4

GSA evaluates its financial management systems annually for compliance with federal financial management systems requirements, applicable federal accounting standards, and U.S. Standard General Ledger (USSGL) recording and reporting requirements. In FY 2012, GSA evaluated its financial management systems controls and compliance by completing independent systems certification and accreditation reviews, submitting Senior Agency Information Security Officer (SAISO) reports, conducting OMB Circular A-123 reviews, and evaluating risk indicators contained in the FFMIA Compliance Risk Model. GSA also reviewed pertinent audit reports issued in FY 2012, evaluated the status of prior year systems-related issues, and discussed the details of pertinent systems-related control issues with senior managers and auditors.

In FY 2012, improvements were made to strengthen GSA IT systems controls in the areas of segregation of duties, audit logging, and monitoring controls. External audit results indicate additional actions are required to improve system access control and audit logging for certain IT systems. GSA is addressing these issues by taking short- and long-term actions to strengthen managerial, operational, and technical systems controls for critical program and financial management systems.

In assessing compliance with FFMIA, GSA adheres to the revised implementation guidance provided by OMB and considers the results of GSA Office of the Inspector General and U.S. Government Accountability Office audit reports, annual financial statement audits, FISMA compliance reviews, risk assessments, and other systems-related review and monitoring activities. Based on all information assessed, the acting administrator has determined that GSA financial management systems are in substantial compliance with FFMIA requirements for FY 2012.

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-24