Strategic Goal: Innovation

2012 Agency Financial Report Management Discussion and Analysis

Strategic Goal: Innovation

Agency Priority Goal: Green the Federal Supply Chain

FAS has committed to increasing the sustainability of the federal supply chain by increasing the sale of green products and service offerings to five percent of total business volume, and increasing the availability of green products and service offerings by 10 percent, relative to its total inventory by September 30, 2013.

GSA is an intermediary to the market and provides an avenue through which commercially available products and services can be delivered to federal agencies. GSA focuses efforts to increase green product and service purchases using external communications to increase awareness of environmentally friendly products and services and inform federal agencies on where they can be purchased, while working with the federal vendor community to increase the number of green products and services offered to federal agencies.

GSA exceeded its five percent target for increasing the sale of green offerings. In FY 2012, the sale of green offerings accounted for 6.9 percent of total business volume. This is an increase of 3.7 percent over FY 2011. In addition, GSA's target for green product availability as a percentage of total inventory is 2.84 percent. In FY 2012, the total green product availability as a percentage of total inventory was 2.23 percent.

In FY 2012, GSA will continue to identify additional sustainable product and service offerings and use focused communications to educate federal agencies about available green products and services and where they can be purchased.

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