Strategic Goal: Operational Excellence

2012 Agency Financial Report Management Discussion and Analysis

Strategic Goal: Operational Excellence

Agency Priority Goal: Excellence in Solutions Delivery through Customer Portfolio Planning

As part of a continuing effort to manage agency real estate portfolio needs in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner, GSA will complete Customer Portfolio Plans (CPPs) with nine agencies by September 30, 2013. These CPPs identify opportunities to optimize their real estate portfolios' by reducing space, improving utilization, and leveraging market opportunities to reduce costs.

In addition to the three CPPs completed in FY 2011, which identified millions of dollars in potential savings, GSA completed an additional three CPPs in FY 2012 with the Department of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Emergency Management Administration. GSA is currently implementing many of the projects outlined in those CPPs.

In FY 2013, GSA will partner with three additional agencies and produce CPPs. GSA will also continue to monitor the performance of CPP projects that have been implemented and prioritize the implementation of remaining opportunities.

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