GSA Performance

Measures and Overview

Measuring and improving performance is central to all GSA activities. We use performance measures to allocate resources, establish accountability, and make sure that the citizens are receiving value for their tax dollars. Specific performance targets were established in the FY 2009 Performance Plan submitted to Congress in the agency’s FY 2010 Congressional Justification.

Each measure is aligned to one of the four strategic goals contained in GSA’s current strategic plan. The four strategic goals that GSA operated under for FY 2009 were stewardship, superior workplaces, best value, and innovation.

The Agency Financial Report contains the results for the 16 key performance measures. Results for all the measures contained in the performance plan are shown in the Agency Performance Report.

In FY 2009, GSA achieved success for the majority of the key measures — 11 out of 16. Among the successes were ensuring customer satisfaction for government-owned space and leasing, achieving cost benchmarks for cleaning, and maintaining office and similar services space. Even among the five measures that were not met, one demonstrated substantial improvement over FY 2008, and another maintained the FY 2008 performance level.

Chart depicting GSA's Key Performance Measures. GSA met one measure for Stewardship while not meeting three; they met three measures for superior workplaces while not meeting one; they met three measures for best value while not meeting one; they met four measures for innovation while zero measures were not met.

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