Looking Forward

Three new buses purchased with Recovery Act money
Recovery Act

The Recovery Act presented GSA with great opportunities and responsibilities, but it also presented some challenges in ensuring that we properly manage this increase in funding. To date, GSA is meeting this challenge in the fleet and federal buildings portions of GSA’s Recovery Act responsibilities.

Since FY 2010, GSA has managed the Recovery Act funding, with the goals of greening the federal government, ensuring the funds make the largest economic impact possible, and using the funds in a timely fashion.

Overead shot depicting new roads being constructed.
Infrastructure Requirements

GSA owns and manages more than 1,500 buildings around the country, and the average building in this inventory is more than 46 years old. Only 30 percent of these buildings have had extensive modernization. To address this issue, GSA management requested an additional $496 million in obligations for the repairs and alterations.

Management Challenges

In addition to the issues discussed above, in the FY 2009 Agency Financial Report, GSA’s Inspector General provides a report on the major management challenges facing the agency. This report identifies six issues facing GSA management and is accompanied by management’s discussion [PDF - 481 KB] of how we are working to address these issues.

GSA employees discussing management challenges
National Contact Center

GSA’s Federal Citizen Information Center provides specially trained staff to answer questions in English or Spanish about all aspects of the federal government.

Call 800-FED-INFO

Thoughts about this report?

Even 60 years after GSA was hailed as “a major step on the long road” toward a high-performing, more efficient government, GSA is still being called on to serve the American taxpayer and improve the federal government. To ensure that we continue to improve, we welcome your feedback for this report.

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