GSA FY 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

GSA FY14-18 GSA Strategic Plan [PDF - 150 KB]


The GPRA Modernization Act holds federal agencies accountable for using resources wisely and achieving program results. Specifically, the GPRA Modernization Act requires agencies to develop: Strategic Plans, which include a mission statement, set out long-term goals, objectives, and strategic measures, and describe strategies to achieve them over a four-year time horizon; Annual Performance Plans, which provide annual performance measures and activities toward the long-term Strategic Plan; and Annual Performance Reports, which evaluate an agency's success in achieving the annual performance measures.

The FY 2014-2018 GSA Strategic Plan defines GSA’s mission, strategic goals, strategic and management objectives, strategies, and priority goals. The Strategic Plan links objectives to GSA programs and presents the key performance indicators by which GSA will hold itself accountable.

For Further Information Contact

Harold Hendrick, Office of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, Office of the Chief Financial Officer at or 202-208-1752.

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