Sample Abridged (Hands-on) Evacuation Plan

This is a SAMPLE abridged hands-on plan for GSA child care centers. Every classroom should have an abridged, clear and simple document posted and in fly-away kits.

Evacuation Procedures – Hands-On Plan

A “Safe Haven” will be used for each evacuation. The selection of that Safe Haven will depend on many factors including type of emergency, threat (natural disasters, chemical spills, bombings), wind direction, expected level of assistance, etc. and may include shelter in place (in the building). The procedures for evacuation and the sites are listed below and will be familiar to staff as a result of repeated training and frequent drills.

Evacuation Plan for a Child Care Center

  1. Upon direction/instruction (alarm, security or designated official), immediately evacuate the center. Take attendance and immediately proceed to the designated Safe Haven. Take an emergency fly-away bag with the emergency information.
  2. All personnel should leave the building in an orderly manner - Walk, Don’t Run. Classroom personnel should search their rooms and close all doors before leaving. Director or designee will search all areas within the center to ensure all occupants have been safely evacuated. Teachers will take head count of each group to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Give names of any missing children/personnel to Director or designee.
  3. All personnel are to refuse assistance from anyone not previously identified as a support person (not including Federal Protective Service police or emergency personnel).
  4. No one should reenter the center.
  5. Assist physically challenged children during this procedure. Evacuate infants in designated evacuation cribs equipped with emergency supplies.
  6. Upon reaching the Safe Haven, teachers will take head counts of each group to ensure that everyone is accounted for. Give names of any missing children/personnel to the Director or designee (who will give this information to emergency personnel.)
  7. Parents will not be allowed to remove a child from the group during the evacuation. Parents may follow sign out procedures upon reaching the Safe Haven.
  8. Upon reaching the Safe Haven, as soon as it is safely possible, the Director will notify the parents by calling the emergency off-site contact. The Director, in consultation with emergency personnel, will determine if parents should be asked to pick-up the children. The decision to have parents pick up their children will be made based on expected time out of the center and/or the nature of the emergency.

Safe Havens

  • Primary - Towards the river: Office of Thrift Supervision
    123 Main Street
    Washington, DC
    1 block east and 2 blocks south
  • Secondary - Downtown: Department of Interior
    456 Main Street
    Washington, DC
    4 blocks west
  • Alternate - Uptown: Bright Horizons Children's Center
    90 Depot Road
    Washington, DC
    5 blocks north and I block west
  • In place (Shelter in Place): Second Floor in this building Room 2-126
    Important Phone Numbers:
    Control Center 212-555-5555
    Center 212-666-6666
    Off Site Emergency 313-777-7777
    Key GSA Contact 414-888-8888
    Key GSA Alternate 515-999-9999
Last Reviewed: 2017-12-19