Sample Child Care Evacuation Plan

This sample child care evacuation plan is designed to be clear and simple while providing all necessary information. This template is intended for the use of any and all groups who might find it useful.

XYZ Child Care Center Emergency Evacuation Plan

The objective of this plan is to reduce the possibility of harm to the children, facility and visitors to the center in the event of an emergency. Care must be taken to ensure that all occupants are aware of the following basic procedures:

  1. Be familiar with the location of all stairways and exits (Maps of evacuation routes are posted in each classroom).
  2. Be familiar with the location of the nearest building fire alarm manual pull stations and their operation.
  3. Faculty should not attempt to secure or collect personal items during an evacuation.
  4. Upon direction/instruction of the alarm or Child Care Director or designee, immediately evacuate the building The Director or emergency personnel will identify which safe haven/assembly area. Take attendance and immediately proceed to the Safe Haven. Each classroom will take an emergency bag with emergency information and medications. Upon reaching the Safe Haven, the Director, in consultation with the Emergency Personnel will determine if parents should be asked to pickup children. The decision to have parents pick up their children will be made based on expected time out of the Center or the nature of the emergency. The Director will contact the off-site emergency number to notify parents. In case of emergencies that do not warrant evacuation outside of the building (natural disasters [tornadoes, for example], chemical spills, bombings, etc.), proceed to designated shelter-in place.
  5. Each classroom will post evacuations route maps indicating the following:
    • Primary and secondary routes
    • Locations of the assembly areas
    • Fire Alarm Manual Pull stations
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Fire detection and suppression devices, such as: smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinkler heads, sprinkler control valve
  6. The Director will assign a staff member/Safety Coordinator to inspect the Center each morning to ensure the following:
  • All exit doors are unlocked and accessible
  • All exit lights are working properly
  • All corridors and doors leading to exits are clear
  • There are no items hanging from sprinkler heads or fire alarm devices
  • Fire alarm devices, extinguishers and sprinkler heads are not obstructed
  • All evacuation maps are in place and current

All faculty members will be trained on fire protection and evacuation practices.

  1. Fire drills will be conducted monthly. The property manager’s office must be notified of each drill. A command center representative or a representative of the building manager will be invited to attend. The director will keep a record of all drills.
  2. In case of emergency or drill, all personnel should leave the building in an orderly manner - Walk, Don’t Run. Teachers should search their rooms and close all doors before leaving. Additionally the Director or designee will search all areas within the Center and ensure all occupants have been safely evacuated. Teachers will refuse assistance from anyone not previously identified as a support person. This does not include Federal Protective Service Police or emergency personnel.
  3. Physically challenged children will be provided assistance to help exit the building. Infants will be evacuated in designated evacuation cribs. Evacuation supplies (extra blankets) are be located under each evacuation crib.
  4. At the assembly area, teachers will immediately take a head count of each classroom group to ensure that everyone is present and accounted for. Head Teachers shall report the final head count to the Director or designee. Names of any missing children or missing personnel must be given to the Command Center.
  5. Parents will not be allowed to remove a child from the custody of the center during the evacuation. Once all children are accounted for at the safe haven, parents may be allowed to sign out their children.

Safe Havens: maps attached

  • Primary: GSA Office Federal Building X
    123 Main Street
    Washington, DC
    1 block east and 2 blocks south
  • Secondary: Federal Agency Building Z
    456 Main Street
    Washington, DC
    4 blocks west
  • Tertiary: ABC Children's Center
    90 Depot Road
    Washington, DC
    5 blocks north and I block west
  • Important Phone Numbers:
    Control Center 212-555-5555
    Center 212-666-6666
    Off Site Emergency 313-777-7777
    Key GSA Contact 414-888-8888
    Key GSA Alternative 515-999-9999
Last Reviewed: 2018-10-11