How to Set Up and Manage an Effective Board of Directors

Boards of Directors are independent nonprofit organizations set up by a community or a federal agency to oversee the management of child care centers operating in GSA space. The mission of the board is to ensure that a stable, high-quality child-development program is available to all federal families who wish to participate.

Click here [PDF - 1 MB] to access the Board of Directors Child Care Resource Book.

Why Does My Child Care Center Need a Board?

The nonprofit board management model has proven to be an effective means of ensuring agency involvement and local commitment to the center.

What Does the Board Do?

One of the most important functions of the boards is to have an active tuition-assistance plan. Boards should consider themselves "Tuition Assistance Offices" and seek funds from as many sources as possible. By providing tuition assistance the board is fulfilling its mandate to help provide care for all families regardless of income.

To find out more about tuition assistance plans and models, check out the OPM Workplace Advocacy Office Guide for Implementing Child Care Legislation. Included in this guide are samples and models of tuition assistance plans.

Checklist: How Do I Know If My Board of Directors Is Effective?

Effective Boards:

  • Meet regularly
  • Have full attendance and participation
  • Keep abreast of child development and child care business issues
  • Participate in their local child care communities
  • Are active fundraisers
  • Seek training to improve board process and functioning (a nongovernment website)
  • Recruit members to fill needs of the board
  • Provide orientation to new board members

Publications: For federal agencies looking to set up new child care centers, or for child care facilities currently operating in GSA space, GSA has published the Board of Directors Resource Book, a complete manual providing answers on how to:

  • Compose a board
  • Incorporate
  • Draft bylaws
  • Apply for tax-exempt status
  • Select a child care provider
  • Fund raise and provide tuition assistance
  • Troubleshoot
  • See your Regional Child Care Coordinator for Board resources

Web Resources:

Zero to Three – Provides the survey: “What Grownups know about Child Development.”
Foundation Center (a nongovernment website) – Provides a national database of grant-makers and resources on applying for funding.
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) – Connects federal donors to nonprofit organizations around the world.
The NonProfit Times
(a nongovernment website) - Resources for nonprofit management.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-15