G‐Invoicing is being designed and implemented to support the Bureau of Fiscal Service’s efforts to improve the quality and reliability of intragovernmental buy/sell data. It will provide a common platform for trading partners to initiate, exchange, and approve agreements and buy/sell transactions. Visit Treasury's G-Invoicing website for further information.

GSA’s customers will continue to use the sales portals and applications to acquire goods and services from GSA.

GSA business lines will create agreements that set up a business relationship between GSA and each customer. In G-Invoicing terminology, agreements will be called General Terms and Conditions or GT&Cs.

After GT&Cs are approved by both partners, orders for goods and service may be placed either directly in the G-Invoicing application or through a GSA sales portal. GSA will upload the data from the sales portals to G-Invoicing through an automated program interface.

The Department of Treasury set a October 1, 2022, deadline to implement G-Invoicing.

With both parties to each transaction using a common system, there should be fewer intergovernmental accounting differences relating to invoicing, timing and accruals. GSA will continue to be reimbursed for goods or services using G-Invoicing to transfer the funding.

All business lines and services will be using G-Invoicing to invoice and collect funding for products and services GSA provides to customers. GSA will also use G-Invoicing when purchasing goods or services from another federal agency.

It is mandatory for all intragovernmental transactions. The application will not be used for payments to commercial vendors.

Treasury-designated Intergovernmental Payment and Collection (IPAC) will slowly be phased-out to make way for G-Invoicing. G-Invoicing will be the primary replacement for IPAC.

GSA’s systems will continue to transmit data to GSA’s financial system, Pegasys, as they do today. GSA plans to build an interface from Pegasys to G-Invoicing to upload and download data related to agreements, orders, performance (invoices) and fund settlement.

Treasury holds periodic Webinars to train on the different components of G-Invoicing, i.e. create an agreement, create an order and create a performance record. Visit Treasury's G-Invoicing Training webpage for more information about its webinar schedule.


GSA staff will need a login for the G-invoicing website. GSA staff members who create agreements using forms 7600A and 7600B will need access.

Yes. We are looking for volunteers who want to create agreements on the G-Invoicing test platform. If a customer is unsure about creating agreements and/or orders in the new system, we can create sample documents in the test environment.

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-09