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What is NewPay?

NewPay is a government-wide shared payroll service that federal agencies can subscribe to. GSA launched the NewPay initiative to modernize federal payroll services. NewPay will harmonize agency legacy systems into a modern, commercial, standards-compliant Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and ensure consistency in payroll outcomes across the federal environment. NewPay can improve services while reducing long-term costs.

This cost reduction is consistent with GSA’s goals of improving performance and saving taxpayer money through shared services. NewPay also supports the Sharing Quality Services Cross Agency Priority Goal under the President’s Management Agenda.

Benefits of NewPay

When complete, NewPay will provide an integrated Payroll and Work Schedule and Leave Management system on a modern, standards based, secure commercial solution that vendors maintain. Specifically, NewPay will provide:

Common Standards - NewPay is built on common capabilities tied to authoritative sources. It’s designed to meet a variety of diverse agency IT requirements, including new and emerging technologies.
Software-as-a-Service - Price is based on consumption and builds on economies of scale by pulling negotiating power of multiple agencies. Software updates will be included in subscription price, helping agencies predict expenses and stay current.
Enables Long-Term Planning - NewPay SaaS solutions will have a ten-year base period and three one-year additional performance based award term periods.
Constant Innovation and Modernization - SaaS by definition provides for constant modernization and updates. The federal government will constantly be moved to the latest version of the software as updates are completed.
Efficiency Gains from Common Data Standards - Common data standards will allow for “build it once and reuse it many” work. Common data standards will make it easier to exchange data across many agencies.

How does my agency participate?

If your agency wants to subscribe to NewPay, contact your payroll shared service provider (SSP). The SSPs will manage the implementation, using phases that cluster agencies with similar workforce needs. If you have any questions about NewPay, contact us at

NewPay Vision, Mission and Values

Our NewPay vision is a world where employees’ professional experience is consistent and is agnostic of time and place across the federal government. NewPay ensures that employees get paid the same way even when transferring across federal agencies.

Our mission is to:

  • apply standards,
  • use innovative technology to modernize payroll processing,
  • create economic efficiencies, and
  • reduce cyber security risks.

We commit to our core values:

  • Commitment to 100% learning throughout the journey
  • Transparency - right information to the right people at the right time
  • Partnership at the enterprise level across government and industry
  • Using data to drive the dialogue, decisions, and delivery of outcomes and change


Between 2003 and 2008, the federal government consolidated 26 payroll systems to four shared-services providers (SSPs), including the State Department. It saved over $1 billion in cost avoidance over 10 years. The five SSPs serve the payroll and time & attendance needs of 2.1 million civilian federal employees.

However, as sometimes happens in common mission support services, outdated processes and technology--with a culture of compliance -- created an inflexible mission-support environment. The NewPay initiative was established to make the federal government’s mission support services more efficient and effective in the short and long term in performance, customer experience, and operational costs.

Meet Amy Haseltine, NewPay Director

Amy Haseltine joined GSA in October 2019 as the NewPay Director under GSA’s human resources quality service management office (QSMO). Amy served in multiple roles at the Department of Human and Health Services, including most recently as Deputy CIO for Enterprise Services and prior to that, as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Grants and Acquisition, Policy and Accountability.

Agencies interested in subscribing to NewPay should contact their Payroll shared service provider (SSP). The implementation approach will be managed by SSPs utilizing phases that group together agencies with similar workforce needs.

Last Reviewed: 2021-02-02