NewPay Frequently Asked Questions


  • ATO - Authority to Operate
  • BPA - Blanket Purchase Agreement
  • DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service
  • HR - Human Resources
  • IBC - Interior Business Center of Department of the Interior
  • IPT - Integrated Project Team
  • NFC - National Finance Center of U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • PMO - Program Management Office
  • PSB - Payroll Services Branch of U.S. General Services Administration
  • QSMO - Quality Service Management Organization
  • RFQs - Request for Quotes
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • SLA - Service Level Agreement
  • SME - Subject Matter Expert
  • SSP - Shared Services Provider
  • T&A - Time and Attendance
  • WSLM - Work Schedule and Leave Management

NewPay is modernizing federal payroll services by harmonizing legacy systems into modern, commercial, standards compliant software as a service solutions. This ensures consistency in payroll across the federal government. NewPay’s vision is to create a federal space where the employee experience is consistent with and agnostic of time and place across the government. Its mission is to demonstrate the application of standards and employ the use of innovative technology to modernize payroll processing and create opportunities for economic efficiency, and reduce cyber security risks to employee data.

Task Order 1 was awarded September 2019. The scope is to establish a baseline configuration for the federal payroll SaaS solutions and a “payroll calculator” for up to 65 pay plans, covering up to approximately 89% of all government employees. There will be future task orders related to the SSPs and customer agency migrations to NewPay.

The NewPay BPA covers both payroll and WSLM, including T&A. Due to resource constraints and the complexities associated with multiple versions of multiple time keeping systems across multiple vendors, NewPay chose to focus on payroll first. Once the payroll solution has been rolled out, GSA will prioritize the Federal WSLM product.

Time and Attendance is within the scope of the NewPay BPA and SSPs have the option, through NewPay, to upgrade and/or replace their existing T&A solutions. However, most initial implementations of NewPay are expected to focus on payroll only and not make changes to existing T&A systems. Agencies that are interested in exploring the option of upgrading or replacing their current T&A system are encouraged to discuss this with their SSP.

Yes. NewPay’s scope only includes Payroll and WSLM, including T&A. The implementation of a new HR system is outside the scope of the NewPay program.

Yes. During the technical evaluation process, vendors demonstrated they can meet the requirements. Task Order 1 requires vendors to demonstrate the NewPay capabilities, and an operational readiness review to be completed to ensure the products meet the federal requirements.

No. Data is owned by the government.

Yes. As part of your agency’s migration plans, the NewPay team will work with your agency and SSPs and on how to best accommodate your agency’s unique pay requirements. We will work with the agencies to assess and address unique, statutorily-driven compensation requirements. The NewPay Team is engaging SSPs on the development of the government-wide payroll data standards that define our technical SaaS platforms.

The NewPay team will establish SLAs with the SSPs to define operations and general support associated with the contract managed by GSA. SSPs will continue to issue SLAs to customer agencies for NewPay subscriptions and services at the task order level.

The SSPs and the NewPay team are working together to identify customer agency transition costs to align those with proposed implementation timelines. Please contact your SSP if you have specific questions around your agency’s migration plan.

The President’s Management Agenda established a Sharing Quality Services cross-agency priority goal with the goal of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative services, including human resources management. NewPay serves as the first solution, modernizing payroll and WSLM, including T&A. For more information, please visit:

NewPay is set to build upon what is arguably already the federal government's greatest success story in the realm of shared services -- the successful consolidation of 26 payroll providers to four, under the eGov initiative started in 2003. That effort resulted in documented savings and cost avoidance and brought us to the operating environment we have today. GSA has assembled a talented and dedicated team and is actively collaborating with our SSP and vendor partners. GSA is a leader in the federal government in the area of IT modernization and technology transformation; we're leveraging lessons learned through a variety of shared service and modernization initiatives, conducted both within GSA and on behalf of other agencies, to ensure we are following recognized industry best practices as we pursue this modernization effort.


The scope of the NewPay BPA is to establish a federal payroll and work schedule and leave management software-as-a-service solution using common, government-wide standard solutions built collaboratively with the shared services providers and subject matter experts from across government to allow for innovative payroll solutions,efficiencies and economies of scale. The BPA also offers ancillary support services for the SaaS solutions.

The NewPay BPA was awarded September 2018. The period of performance is from September 2018 to September 2028. There are three one-year award term option periods which could potentially take it through 2031.

The purpose is to provide an incentive to BPA holders to support the government in maintaining a single common baseline while also bringing innovation and efficiencies. The one year time frame enables the establishment of a foundational and technical baseline, allows the government to manage the risk to ensure progress in the most critical stage of technical development, while also incentivizing the vendor partner to deliver innovation and efficiency to the government in the short, medium, and long term.

Federal Payroll SSPs with the capability to order from the BPA are:

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service of Department of Defense
  • Interior Business Center of Department of the Interior
  • National Finance Center of U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Payroll Services Branch of U.S. General Services Administration
  • U.S. Department of State

No. Customer agencies cannot order directly from this BPA.

GSA awarded the BPA to two vendor teams:

  • Team Carahsoft: Carahsoft Technology Corporation, Immix Technology, and Deloitte Consulting LLP Solution: Kronos and SAP
  • Team Grant Thornton: Grant Thornton, The Arcanum Group, Inc., and CGI Federal Solution: Infor

Of the vendors that submitted proposals, only the selected vendors met the requirements of the BPA. Awarding to more than one vendor supports the diversity of the payroll marketplace and allows for flexibility to the government in terms of solution choice and contingency planning.

Yes. The government reserves the right to conduct an open season for onboarding new vendors in the best interest of the government.

Yes. GSA formed an Integrated Project Team to develop the requirements and provided SSPs and agencies an opportunity to review and comment. The SSPs’ subject matter experts for both Payroll and Work Schedule and Leave Management,including Time & Attendance provided comments and recommendations, which were considered and integrated into the final set of business capabilities that were used in the Request for Quotes for the BPA.

In addition to participation in the IPT, each SSP had a subject matter expert representative on the Technical Evaluation Panel. SSPs were also invited to view the vendor demonstrations during the evaluation.

The NewPay solicitation includes a provision to conduct an open season to add vendors to the BPA at the government's discretion. The provision allows for further competition should it be necessary during the ten-year base performance period.

SSPs, in partnership with the NewPay team, will make the determination on the best path ahead for their customer agencies.

Yes. Both vendors employ a team of subject matter experts with functional and technical experience in federal payroll. Also, the vendors were required to identify both a functional and technical SME as key personnel in the task order.

The contract (i.e., task order) will be between the SSP and the vendor, with GSA performing contracting office oversight. The NewPay SaaS contract is managed by GSA as a BPA. The BPA allows a consumer (i.e., an SSP) to write task orders and request work to be done by the vendor(s). The SSP will continue to maintain agreements between the customer agency and the SSP for the shared payroll service.


The selected SaaS vendors received FedRAMP Certification before GSA awarded both NewPay BPA task orders. GSA is currently working with each vendor to achieve an Interim Authority to Test. This is a time bound ATO that allows GSA to provide masked production data to test the results of each toolset.

GSA is leading the NewPay effort as the pre-designated Quality Service Management Organization for federal transactional HR work. All federal shared service providers in the Payroll/WSLM space were required by OMB to prepare a NewPay implementation plan in fiscal year 2018. SSPs and GSA are working together to develop the SaaS products and define migration plans.

The SSPs provided their draft NewPay implementation plan in 2018, and an updated plan in the summer of 2019, as required by OMB. GSA established regular, joint meetings with the four current SSPs (IBC, NFC, DFAS, and GSA) on Oct. 3, 2019. Those meetings continue on a regular basis and provide SSPs regular progress updates on the program as well as a forum to bring ideas, concerns and suggestions to the NewPay PMO. Please contact your SSP if you have specific questions around your agency’s migration plan.


The NewPay BPA’s customer service delivery model includes an integrated multi-channel approach to customer support. The NewPay BPA can offer SSPs and customer agencies different levels of support, ranging from self-service to multi-tiered support for complex technology issues.

The SSPs will continue to support paid dailies, corrections, furloughs and time and attendance submissions. The manner in which an SSP supports these activities may change under NewPay and these will be identified and discussed as part of the migration plan.

Yes. The NewPay solutions are required to apply these limits in accordance with 5 USC 5547(a) and 5 CFR 550.105 and other applicable limits.

The NewPay team is working with each of the SSPs to define performance metrics and standards for the SaaS vendors with the intent that end users will experience similar or improved response times.

Last Reviewed: 2021-02-09