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You’ve made good use of the information in the Seek Opportunities section of the site, and you’ve found one or more opportunities that fit your company like a glove. Time to get busy and win that business!


If It’s a GWAC Contract:

and you want to be in the pool of selected prime contractors: you respond to the solicitation (typically an RFP or RFQ) before the deadline.

Once the deadline has passed, you can still seek opportunities, only now you need to approach one of the prime contractors for subcontracting work. Remember, there are usually set-asides for small businesses, especially small businesses with certified socioeconomic factors (e.g., Woman-Owned, or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned businesses).

For more information about GWACs, visit the GWACs section of

If It's a Non-Schedules based Contract

such as those for building design and construction, architecture/engineering acquisitions and some professional service engagements, do not fall under a GSA Schedules Solicitation. These procurements require a response to the Request for Proposals or Request for Quote (RFP and RFQ respectively); be sure to include Form 1442 with your submission, instead of form 1449 (for Schedules Solicitations).

If Your Company is Subcontracting to a Prime Contractor:

(GWAC or Schedules Solicitation) requires you to approach the prime and make your case to handle subcontracting work. It is the prime’s responsibility to vet your bona fides.

For example, your company installs security systems. You’ve reviewed the vendors listed in the Subcontracting Directory, and found a prime Contractor, RoboSecurity, who provides CCTV surveillance security systems. You contact RoboSecurity and pitch them on augmenting their installation crews. They like your pitch, your small business and its reputation. Congratulations, you’re a subcontractor.

If It's a Schedules Solicitation:

require your firm to submit an offer. When responding, be sure to read all documents thoroughly, so you understand all of the requirements. Failure to submit all required documentation may result in your offer being returned. This will greatly increase the processing time.

If you have questions about the solicitation, you may contact the person listed on Standard Form 1449.

For additional information about GSA Schedules and the procurement process for Schedules Solicitations, visit the GSA Schedules microsite.

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