Marketing to the Government

The Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) has created Doing Business with GSA, a training video series. Three of these Contract Marketing Tips, Parts I, II, and III, provide a quick, comprehensive overview of marketing your business to the Federal marketplace.

Part 1

Topics covered include:

  • Identify Opportunities and Contacts
  • What Impacts Buying Decisions
  • Top 6 Buyer Challenges and Concerns
  • Sustainable Acquisitions
  • How to Position Your Business as a Solutions Provider

Part 2

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Buyer's Needs
  • How to be a Sustainable Partner
  • Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  • What a Successful Partnership Looks Like

Part 3

Topics covered include:
Advanced Tools & Resources

  • Federal Business Opportunities website
  • GSA’s Forecast of Contracting Opportunities
  • Federal Procurement Data System
  • Acquisition Central

Understand Your Customer, Understand Your Market

As you’ve learned in the marketing training videos, understanding your customer, their needs and challenges is essential to efficient, successful marketing. Here are some additional resources:

Your customer base includes organizations eligible to Use GSA Sources of Supply and Services [PDF - 447 KB] , such as executive, military, and other federal agencies. Through Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Purchasing, state and local governments can also use Schedules.

Sales Strategies

In addition to the myriad of resources available on the web, here are a few smart strategies that will help maximize your business opportunities.

Update Your Website

  • Place the GSA logo on your website; be sure to read and follow the GSA Star Mark Logo Policy.
  • Create one or more pages designed to communicate to federal agencies. If you have an online price list, be sure to link to it.
  • Include your company web address on your price list.

Train Personnel about your GSA Contract

If you have a Schedules contract, GSA offers several online training classes to get them up to speed. GWAC contract holders can take online training. Marketing to the federal marketplace training is also available. Visit the Training section of the OSBU site

Network in Person and Online

The Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) holds in-person and online events year round. Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming events and training. GSA also has created an online community of practice for businesses small and large: Interact. It is an open, collaborative community for connecting, communicating and learning and engaging across GSA procurement and industry topics. Interact: Learn More.

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