21 Gun Salute Initiative

The 21 Gun Salute was created with gratitude for the injured soldier turned businessperson. The Salute is an action plan to meet and exceed the 3% contracting goal with the nation’s service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses. Each of the following seven topics (or “guns”) contain major subgoals.

Gun 1: Awareness

  • Increase public awareness
  • Increase internal awareness
  • Identify SDVOSBs to provide high demand products and services

Gun 2: Advocacy

  • Create Veterans Advisory Subcommittee
  • Advocate for SDVOSB opportunities; special emphasis on Veteran set-aside (VETS2 GWAC)
  • Create a pool of advocates among buyers within GSA

Gun 3: Innovation

  • Capitalize on best practices for SDVOSB outreach
  • Target SDVOSBs for selected schedule buys
  • Innovations in financial accreditation of small business

Gun 4: Training

  • Assist SDVOSBs in finding markets
  • Provide SDVOSB training to contracting officers governmentwide

Gun 5: Recognition

  • Nationally recognize the SDVOSB supporters
  • Recognize successes among internal GSA family
  • Enhance SDVOSB brand

Gun 6: Accountability

  • Hold senior leaders accountable
  • Measure and enforce SDVOSB goals to ensure achievement
  • Integrate procurement forecast

Gun 7: Partnerships

  • Champion interagency partnerships
  • Partner with veterans organizations
  • Support business-to-business partnerships among SDVOSBs
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