Required Training

Pathways to Success and Readiness Assessment

In order to advance through the application process for getting on a Schedule, you must take Pathway to Success and also complete a Readiness Assessment.

Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success is an online webinar on the Vendor Education Center. A log-in is required. The webinar is organized into five chapters:

  • MAS Program Overview
  • Is MAS a Good Fit for You?
  • Alternatives to the MAS
  • Make a Proposal
  • Approval Process

Within each of these chapters. you can review subtopics, take notes, and do keyword searches. The webinar keeps track of the sections you have viewed, and there are clickable links to websites mentioned. It is not necessary to complete the webinar in a single session, and it is possible to review any section at any time, or download the presentation.

At the successful completion of the Pathway to Success education seminar, you will receive a certificate. Two copies of the certificate must be submitted with your Schedules offer.

The Pathway to Success Certificate is valid for one year from completion of the education seminar; i.e., you must submit its offer within the one-year period during which the certificate is valid.

Following the Pathway to Success, return to the Vendor Education Center and complete the Vendor Toolbox and the Readiness Assessment. It is mandatory that this assessment be completed and signed by an officer of your company before submitting an offer.

Readiness Assessment

This Readiness Assessment tool is designed to assist offerors in determining whether you are ready to pursue a MAS contract and will help you with the solicitation process. Your firm should have already completed Pathway to Success training and taken the quiz which is required before submitting an offer.

It is mandatory that this assessment be completed by an officer of the company before submitting your offer. Once you have completed the Readiness Assessment and if you have decided to submit an offer, the Readiness Assessment is loaded as an attachment to your offer in the eOffer system. It is important that your firm understand the solicitation clauses and requirements such as past performance, certifications, and pricing. Therefore, it is suggested that an officer carefully read and review all the steps in the Vendor Toolbox including the solicitation to which your firm will be responding PRIOR to completing this assessment. The Vendor Toolbox slides will show your firm how to find the solicitation requirements in GSA eLibrary at:

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