Maintain Your Contract

To maintain and keep its Schedule contract, a company must comply with the Minimum Sales Criteria Guidelines. Your company must report at least

  • $25,000 in sales to GSA and its procurement customers within the first 24 months of the contract award, and
  • $25,000 in sales each 12-month period thereafter.

Your firm's contract is subject to cancellation if sales levels are not met.

Additionally, a Schedules contractor must meet other contractual requirements, including:

  • Report sales and remit the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) to GSA.
    The IFF is a fee paid by customers to cover GSA’s cost of operating the Schedules program. As a vendor, you need to remember to build in this expense into your fees. Sales reports and the IFF (currently 0.75 percent of total sales) are both due 30 days after the end of each quarter.

    Note: What Qualifies as a Schedules Sale? You must use a sales tracking system that allows you to differentiate between Schedules and non-Schedules sales. A sale is considered a Schedules sale if:

    • Product or service falls within the description of the SINs on your contract, and
    • Customer is an eligible ordering activity

    In some cases, the ordering activity may indicate exceptions to this.
    For more information about Quarterly Reporting, please see: 72A Quarterly Reporting System.

  • Participate in Contractor Assessments
    An assessment conducted by GSA's Industrial Operations Analysts may occur periodically during a five year contract period. Contractor Assessments are not audits, rather they are opportunities to identify and address contract compliance issues before they become major problems. Learn more by visiting the Vendor Support Center
  • Keep registrations and certifications up to date.
    This applies to any certification made when your company responded to a Schedules solicitation, and includes business size status, and any applicable NAICS code changes. Most certifications will require annual updates. For more information, read the “Steps to Success” guide in the Vendor Support Center.
  • Register with the Vendor Support Center
    This is where you found the mandatory training in order to become an qualified contractor. It is specially designed to provide resources and training to help your business achieve success.
  • Create, distribute, and maintain your company price list.
    Small businesses which offer commodities and other tangible products will want to take advantage of GSA Advantage! ®

    What is it? An online marketplace for millions of products and services. It offers vendors tremendous reach while providing federal agency buyers with fast and efficient procurement without a lot of paperwork. Vendors upload their price list and update it over the life of their contract. GSA Advantage can also be used by private sector companies to compare pricing when considering the pursuit of a Schedule contract.

Contract Policies and Obligations

The following is a brief overview of many of the significant policies and obligations pertaining to your contract. For any advice or clarifications, contact your GSA Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO), or visit the Vendor Support Center.

Maximum Orders

Schedules contractors are obligated to accept any order from an executive agency that is below the Maximum Order threshold (e.g., the point at which a price reduction for volume orders meeting/exceeding volume thresholds indicated in a contractor’s catalog or price list). The Maximum Order threshold is determined on a schedule by schedule or sometimes on a “Special Item Number” (SIN) by SIN basis. Note: contractors are entitled to decline the order within five working days.

Orders and Blanket Purchase Agreements that Exceed the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT)

For orders:

  • Exceeding that SAT; and/or
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements established under Schedule contracts, for which the total of all orders is expected to exceed the SAT;

Federal agencies are required to request additional price reductions from the Schedule prices.

The order must evaluate at least three (3) Schedule contract holders and compete the order using the SAT. Exceptions to the three (3) vendor compete are permitted provided the buyer follows the appropriate procedures outlined at

Price Reductions

Items/Services on your Schedule contract are based on your “Basis of Award” customer (“Basis Customer”). The vendor must maintain the approved Basis of Award discount relationship established in its contract, as a minimum. Should the vendor lower prices to the Basis Customer, it is obligated to make the same reduction for your Schedules contract.

Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

Your company may only offer products/services from countries with which the federal government has trade agreements. No trade agreement, no Schedules sales.

The TAA states that all products purchased by the government must be manufactured or “substantially transformed” in the United States or in one of the countries with which it has trade agreements. The TAA pertains to all Schedules contract sales.

Government Purchase Card

Businesses and vendors that wish to obtain a schedule contract to do business with the Federal Government are required to accept the GSA SmartPay charge cards as a method of payment for micro-purchases, generally those purchases under $3,000.

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